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Apple’s Monster Quarter In Charts

Jan. 24, ‘12: Apple’s just-reported December quarter was so huge that I had to change the scale on almost every chart below. Expectations coming in were high, but Apple beat them anyway, shipping 37 million iPhones — almost as many as it shipped … Continue reading →

The iPhone’s comeback and the power of carrier distribution

Jan. 18, ‘12: Survey data from Nielsen suggests that Apple’s iPhone almost closed the gap with Google Android in December, as far as new smartphone purchases go. Assuming it’s accurate, this says as much about the value of carrier distribution as it says about … Continue reading →

Gogo’s IPO filing: 10 big takeaways

Dec. 23, ‘11: Gogo, the company that provides most in-flight wi-fi service in the U.S., just filed to go public, aiming to raise up to $100 million. Here’s a link to its IPO filing with the SEC. Big picture: Most planes still don’t … Continue reading →

RIM’s rise and decline: A 10-year view

Dec. 20, ‘11: BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is a classic example of a company that had one great idea, grew huge because of it, but couldn’t save itself as the industry moved on. And now for the first time ever, RIM’s sales … Continue reading →

Actually, iPhone users tend to be richer and better educated than Android users

Dec. 16, ‘11: I’m not sure where this fits into M.G. Siegler and Joshua Topolsky‘s “class warfare” argument about Apple’s iPhone and Google Android, but here’s some interesting data from the fine folks at comScore. iPhone subscribers in the U.S. say they belong … Continue reading →

A look at the Mac App Store, 100 million downloads later

Dec. 13, ‘11: Apple announced yesterday that in less than a year, Mac users have downloaded 100 million apps from the Mac App Store. With around 60 million Macs out there, that suggests the average Mac user has downloaded at least one app, … Continue reading →

Network effect! Path cracks the iPhone App Store top 25

Dec. 8, ‘11: Mobile social network Path‘s great reviews – and likely its network effects — are kicking in. With its latest push, Path 2.0 has cracked the top 25 free apps on Apple’s iPhone App Store: It’s currently no. 23, up from no. … Continue reading →

And now a reminder of how tough the App Store slog really is

Dec. 3, ‘11: A few days ago, San Francisco-based startup Path released a major new update to its app, generating some of the best tech press I’ve ever seen. (Deservingly so. The new app is beautiful.) Since then, my Twitter stream — tech … Continue reading →

Survey says: iPhone 4S owners love Siri, hate their batteries

Dec. 1, ‘11: Market research firm ChangeWave published these charts this morning, showing survey results of what 219 iPhone 4S owners like and dislike the most about their phones. Not surprisingly, Siri — the iPhone’s charming new personal assistant tool — is the … Continue reading →

Kindle Fire purchase intent already at one-third the iPad’s level

Nov. 21, ‘11: When people think about buying a tablet, Apple’s iPad is (obviously) still their first pick. But it’s impressive how many people are aware of — and are considering — Amazon’s newish Kindle Fire tablet. According to ChangeWave survey results, for … Continue reading →