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Creators: Susan Kare

Mar. 16, ‘12: Susan Kare is a San Francisco-based designer and artist. She’s best known for designing many of the early Mac user interface elements, including icons. She also designed Facebook’s early “gifts” icons. Buy her icons book here. 1) What have you been … Continue reading →

Creators: Nina Mehta

Feb. 24, ‘12: Nina Mehta is a designer at Twilio in San Francisco. (She was recommended for this series by Khoi Vinh.) Follow her on Twitter at @ninamehta. 1) What have you been making lately? Form has been a driving force for what I’ve … Continue reading →

Creators: Nick Disabato

Jan. 19, ‘12: Nick Disabato is a designer, publisher, and author who lives in Chicago. Follow him on Twitter at @nickd or on Tumblr. 1) What have you been making lately? A couple of weeks ago, I announced the first issue of Distance, a … Continue reading →

Creators: Scott Nedrelow

Dec. 15, ‘11: Scott Nedrelow is an artist, product creator, and entrepreneur based in Minneapolis. He recently launched a free iPad art book with the photographer JoAnn Verburg, called “As It Is Again.” And his gorgeous iPad/MacBook Air/Kindle sleeves — handmade from thick … Continue reading →

Creators: Erica Domesek

Dec. 8, ‘11: Erica Domesek is founder of P.S.- I Made This…, a DIY media and commerce startup. (Her slogan: “I see it. I like it. I make it.”) You can buy her book on Amazon or follow her on Twitter at @psimadethis. … Continue reading →

Creators: Franz Nicolay

Nov. 23, ‘11: Franz Nicolay is a Brooklyn-based singer, musician, and composer, and former keyboardist for The Hold Steady. (He — and they — are among my all-time favorites.) His latest album, “Luck and Courage”, is available on iTunes and at Amazon. Follow … Continue reading →

Creators: David Cole

Nov. 18, ‘11: David Cole is a busy product and design guy in New York. (He was recommended for this series a couple of weeks ago by Adam Lisagor.) Follow him on Twitter or Tumblr. 1) What have you been making lately? While the … Continue reading →

Creators: Khoi Vinh

Nov. 10, ‘11: Khoi Vinh is co-founder of Lascaux Co., whose first app, Mixel for iPad, launched today. (It looks great!) Previously, he was design director for NYTimes.com. Follow him on Twitter at @khoi or check out his blog, Subtraction. 1) What have you been … Continue reading →

Creators: Adam Lisagor

Nov. 4, ‘11: Adam Lisagor is founder of Sandwich Video, a video production shop in Los Angeles. He’s made product demos for companies like Airbnb, Jawbone, Square, and Groupon. You may also recognize him from Twitter, where he’s @lonelysandwich, his blog, or the … Continue reading →

Creators: Peter Rojas

Oct. 30, ‘11: Sponsored by Best Buy. Start Creating Now. Peter Rojas is a tech and gadget media legend. He is currently co-founder of Gdgt. Previously, he helped create Engadget and Gizmodo, and a music site called Rcrd Lbl. Follow him on Twitter … Continue reading →