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The Best Part Of Twitter’s New Design Is That It’s Experimenting In Public

Oct. 31, ‘13: Love or hate Twitter’s new design features — I like the in-line photo and video previews, but the reply/fav/retweet icons under every tweet feel a little too noisy — they say one great thing about Twitter: That it’s not afraid … Continue reading →

5 New Tools I Love

Oct. 24, ‘13: It’s been a slow gadget year for me. For the first time in ages, I’ll end up spending less than $1,000 on Apple gear in 2013. Probably a retina iPad mini, and that’s it. Everything else still works great. But … Continue reading →

“We walked all over New York City to take photos of real people, and to make life easier for designers everywhere.”

Sep. 17, ‘13: — Facebox, a smart new thing from Khoi Vinh and Matt Jacobs. Will definitely be using this.

Citi Bike Is My New iPhone

Jun. 28, ‘13: Citi Bike has already changed my life. How will it change New York? (Cross-posted from City Notes.) New York’s new bike-sharing system, now a month old, is still working out the kinks. It’s sometimes impossible to find a bike, and sometimes … Continue reading →

Design Of The Times: The Floating-Over-Everything Button

Apr. 18, ‘13: A micro-trend in iOS apps? The new Facebook and Foursquare apps have buttons hovering over — and partially obscuring — the content below. In Facebook’s case (left), it’s a pill-shaped “New Stories” button that shows up at the top of … Continue reading →

“Here, again, technology’s getting in the way: It’s so advanced that technicians can’t figure out what’s wrong with it.”

Apr. 10, ‘13: — The never-ending Berlin airport fiasco, in this case. But it could describe a lot of things. Sometimes, we deserve ourselves.

Imagine This Chart As An Actual Hot-Air Balloon

Mar. 22, ‘13: ‘Skeuomorphism’ Curiosity Fades Fast:

Welcome To SplatF 3.0!

Mar. 14, ‘13: Less clutter, designed for mobile, and more room for creativity. A few days ago, I decided that I couldn’t write another post for the existing SplatF — there were too many things bothering me about it. (That’s also the same … Continue reading →

Book Report: Lufthansa + Graphic Design

Jan. 21, ‘13: American Airlines unveiled a new look last week, throwing out its decades-old, iconic branding for a modern feel. So it was timely and interesting to read this week about Germany’s Lufthansa, which also adopted a minimalist, Helvetica-based look in the … Continue reading →

Brace Yourselves For American Airlines’ Imminent Rebranding

Jan. 16, ‘13: In a recent New York Magazine, Paul Ford writes about “crowdsmashing” — the newish phenomenon in which people revolt online when companies crap up their branding. His examples include the “Gap Logo Debacle of 2010″ and the University of California’s recent logo … Continue reading →