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Using Responsive Design To Rewrite Your Sentences

Jan. 11, ‘13: The basic idea of “responsive” web design is that you can use most of the same code to tailor a website’s layout and design to different screen sizes — PC, tablet, phone, etc. (If you want to learn a lot … Continue reading →

‘Check, Please: The challenge of creating a world-class restaurant — and turning a profit’

Sep. 8, ‘12: An interesting New Yorker feature (subscription required) by John Colapinto about today’s high-end restaurant business, focusing on New York’s Eleven Madison Park and its young, ambitious, perfectionist co-owners. As you might expect, there are parallels between a great restaurant and a … Continue reading →

Meet Nokia’s Jony Ive

Sep. 5, ‘12: Neat profile of Nokia design guy Marko Ahtisaari by Steven Levy for Wired. “Finland is a manic-depressive nation both by weather, and by its relationship to Nokia,” says Ahtisaari.  “The noise level is high, but my work is to lead the … Continue reading →

Visiting Korea’s ‘SimCity’

Aug. 1, ‘12: I spent a week in South Korea earlier this year, researching Songdo, a city being built from scratch on reclaimed land that was once the Yellow Sea. (That’s “Central Park” above.) It’s a fascinating story of urban planning, technology, and … Continue reading →

Creators: Susan Kare

Mar. 16, ‘12: Susan Kare is a San Francisco-based designer and artist. She’s best known for designing many of the early Mac user interface elements, including icons. She also designed Facebook’s early “gifts” icons. Buy her icons book here. 1) What have you been … Continue reading →

‘Start Making’

Feb. 24, ‘12: I am pumped to be part of this campaign promoting entrepreneurship, led by General Assembly, the education-center-slash-cool-office-space in NYC. You can check out my short video here, or many more here, including Mario Batali, Mike Bloomberg, David Kelley from IDEO, etc. … Continue reading →

Creators: Nina Mehta

Feb. 24, ‘12: Nina Mehta is a designer at Twilio in San Francisco. (She was recommended for this series by Khoi Vinh.) Follow her on Twitter at @ninamehta. 1) What have you been making lately? Form has been a driving force for what I’ve … Continue reading →

Everything’s A Gadget Now

Feb. 22, ‘12: Nike really gets it: The future of athletic shoes is as much about software as it is about the actual shoes. The new stuff announced today, Nike+ Training, looks cool: Sensors that track your movement in detail — even capable of measuring … Continue reading →

The Juicebox: A secure, public phone charging station that doesn’t look like crap

Jan. 25, ‘12: From its FAQ: How does it fit with my venue’s decor? We’re former bartenders from some of Manhattan’s most upscale bars and restaurants, so we designed the Juicebox to be elegant and compact. At just over 2 1/2 feet tall … Continue reading →

Creators: Nick Disabato

Jan. 19, ‘12: Nick Disabato is a designer, publisher, and author who lives in Chicago. Follow him on Twitter at @nickd or on Tumblr. 1) What have you been making lately? A couple of weeks ago, I announced the first issue of Distance, a … Continue reading →