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Creators: Richard Turley

Oct. 7, ‘11: Richard Turley is the creative director at Bloomberg Businessweek. His design leadership has helped transform Businessweek into one of the best-looking magazines in the industry, including bold, memorable covers and interesting charts. Follow @bizweekdesign on Twitter or check out my profile … Continue reading →

At least Adobe isn’t just sitting there while Flash nosedives

Oct. 3, ‘11: Lots of announcements at Adobe’s MAX conference today: Acquired Typekit, a web typography company that is popular with the in-crowd Acquired Nitobi, which makes PhoneGap software for building cross-platform mobile apps Unveiled six Touch Apps for the iPad and Android … Continue reading →

Creators: Kristen Wentrcek

Sep. 30, ‘11: Kristen Wentrcek is the founder of Wintercheck Factory in Brooklyn. Kristen and her team think up cool products — furniture, clothing, shower curtains, you name it — design and make them, and sell them on their website. Help them grow … Continue reading →

“Urbanized,” another great documentary from Gary Hustwit, the “Helvetica” guy

Sep. 20, ‘11: After tackling graphic design and typography with Helvetica and industrial design with Objectified, filmmaker Gary Hustwit’s latest documentary is Urbanized, covering urban design, city planning, and cities in general. I saw the U.S. premiere tonight and loved it. It’s smart, interesting, and well-assembled. Definitely … Continue reading →

The Weekender

Sep. 16, ‘11: Check out this neat new service from New York’s MTA to help highlight the massive service interruptions that the NYC Subway deals with every weekend. The design is a riff on the old, famous, 1970s-era map by Massimo Vignelli. (More from the New … Continue reading →

Creators: Chank Diesel

Sep. 13, ‘11: Chank Diesel is an artist at Chank Co. in Minneapolis, making cool fonts and paintings, and is one of my early Internet heroes from the mid-90s. Follow him on Twitter at @chankfonts. 1) What have you been making lately? Chank: … Continue reading →

Bloomberg Businessweek’s stunning Ground Zero cover

Aug. 4, ‘11: Some business and news magazines are doing much better than others at figuring out what their new roles are. One important element, I think, is to put a premium on visual design, which almost always gets lost on news websites. … Continue reading →

Alexander Calder Google Doodle is one of the coolest yet

Jul. 22, ‘11: Check out Google today. Very slick Google logo — a Calder mobile that you can move around. The shadow even animates. (And according to Google’s Marissa Mayer, you can even move it gravitationally by rocking your laptop. I haven’t gotten … Continue reading →