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“For thousands of qualifying books, your past, present, and future print-edition purchases will soon allow you to buy the Kindle edition for $2.99, $1.99, $0.99, or free.”

Sep. 3, ‘13: — Amazon’s Kindle MatchBook program — coming in October — sounds like the “AutoRip for Books” I’d hoped for. Let’s hope the book publishers don’t screw up a good thing.

How About An Amazon AutoRip For Books?

Jan. 10, ‘13: Amazon is showing off a new feature today called AutoRip, which gives you a free MP3 copy of some CDs you buy (or have bought since 1998). This is nice enough, but what I really want is a books version … Continue reading →

Amazon’s Amazing Kindle Growth Chart, 2012 Edition

Sep. 7, ‘12: Last September at Amazon’s Kindle launch event in New York, Jeff Bezos showed this amazing chart of Kindle e-book sales just edging past Amazon’s physical book sales. What a difference a year makes. Here’s a screenshot from today’s Amazon Kindle … Continue reading →

Why should e-books cost $15, anyway?

Apr. 16, ‘12: Good questions (and post) from David Pakman, Venrock VC and former CEO of eMusic: Absent from most of this coverage are two main questions: a) what is the right price for eBooks and who gets to set it, and b) … Continue reading →

Where’s iBooks for Mac?

Jan. 19, ‘12: I asked this almost six months ago, and Apple still hasn’t shipped a Mac version of its iBooks e-reader app. Clearly, not a priority. Today, of course, it released iBooks Author, but no iBooks reading/shopping app — that’s still for iOS … Continue reading →

Apple iBooks and the consumerization of textbooks

Jan. 19, ‘12: Apple’s announcements in New York today were, as anticipated, a new authoring/publishing platform for e-books and a new push into textbooks and educational publishing. For a summary of the news, check out Peter Kafka’s liveblog at All Things D. The … Continue reading →

Steve “People don’t read anymore” Jobs bio sells more than 400,000 copies in first week

Nov. 2, ‘11: TheBookSeller reports: (via The Next Web) Walter Isaacson’s biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs sold 379,000 copies in the US in its first week on bookshop shelves, BookScan US data has revealed. Add another 37,000 from the U.K. and you’re well … Continue reading →

Apple’s iBooks app rides the iPhone 4S wave, Amazon Kindle app doesn’t

Oct. 17, ‘11: Here’s one more chart showing some interesting iPhone App Store mechanics over the past week. Apple updated its iBooks app last Tuesday ahead of the iOS 5 and iPhone 4S launches, and featured it in the App Store. Over the … Continue reading →

Amazon’s amazing Kindle growth chart

Sep. 28, ‘11: Here’s how quickly Amazon’s Kindle ecosystem has grown, via Jeff Bezos’ presentation this morning. Note the acceleration as the Kindle has gotten cheaper and as Kindle apps have become widespread. Also interesting: How physical book sales dropped after the dot-com … Continue reading →

Amazon launches Kindle book loans for local libraries

Sep. 21, ‘11: Starting with over 11,000 libraries. (And you don’t have to actually go to the library.) How does it work? Customers will use their local library’s website to search for and select a book to borrow. Once they choose a book, … Continue reading →