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IKEA redesigns its shelves for the decline of books

Sep. 9, ‘11: The Economist: TO SEE how profoundly the book business is changing, watch the shelves. Next month IKEA will introduce a new, deeper version of its ubiquitous “BILLY” bookcase. The flat-pack furniture giant is already promoting glass doors for its bookshelves. … Continue reading →

Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader: A nice complement, but not an app replacement

Aug. 11, ‘11: Amazon launched the Kindle Cloud Reader yesterday, which is basically an HTML5 web version of its reader app. I spent a little while playing with it last night. A few thoughts: It looks good — much better than the Amazon Cloud … Continue reading →

HTML5 websites should complement apps, not aim to replace them

Jul. 26, ‘11: Kobo, the e-book startup, is making some noise today about a new HTML5 website it’s building for people to buy and read e-books on iOS devices. The news peg is that Apple has stepped up enforcement of its in-app purchase … Continue reading →

Where’s iBooks for Mac?

Jul. 26, ‘11: Apple’s OS X Lion launch has come and gone, and there’s still no iBooks e-reader app for the Mac. Today, the only mainstream way to read an e-book on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac is to use Amazon’s Kindle app. And … Continue reading →

Google adds video rentals and e-books to Android Market

Jul. 12, ‘11: Google continues to improve the Android content ecosystem, an area where Android is way behind Apple. Important progress. (Though only “supported” phones will get the upgrade — Google doesn’t specify which those are.)

Google’s first Kindle clone: No sign of ads

Jul. 11, ‘11: Google’s e-books store platform has its first Kindle clone: The iRiver Story HD, which will go on sale at Target this month for $140. But it seems like iRiver and Google — the biggest online ad company in the world … Continue reading →