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The Great Apple Lull

Oct. 28, ‘13: Is excitement around Apple winding down? Or winding up? An infant could not have drawn it better: This is Apple’s last decade in one line. (No, it’s not the snake from The Little Prince eating a genetically modified elephant.) Technically, … Continue reading →

AOL Hanging In There With 2.6 Million Dialup Subscribers

Aug. 7, ‘13: In what has become a bit of a pastime here at SplatF, let’s take a look at AOL’s latest dialup subscription stats, revealed in today’s Q2 earnings report: 2.58 million subscribers, down 15% from last year and down 3% from … Continue reading →

Apple’s Solid-After-All Quarter In Charts

Apr. 23, ‘13: Apple is still growing, but slower than before. And it’s not as profitable as it was a year ago — a rare reversal. But it’s still solid. Apple reported March quarter earnings this afternoon. Expectations were muted, and Apple beat … Continue reading →

Apple’s Semi-Soft Quarter In Charts

Jan. 23, ‘13: Apple reported December quarter results this afternoon. In general, Apple is still performing well, but growth continues to decelerate, and some numbers were short of expectations. In particular, iPhone shipments — Apple’s most important product — didn’t beat Wall Street’s … Continue reading →

Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate The Nook

Nov. 29, ‘12: Think about it this way: A bookstore chain — Barnes & Noble — has developed, successfully executed, and iterated a computer hardware and digital media business — the Nook — into something that should generate well over $1 billion in sales … Continue reading →

‘Big picture from Verizon earnings: The iPhone 4S remains a hot seller and the iPhone 5 has major supply problems.’

Oct. 18, ‘12: Verizon reported Q3 earnings this morning, and Sammy the Walrus IV has been analyzing the iPhone numbers. (If you’re not already following Sammy on Twitter, you’re missing out.) A few tweets: Verizon: We sold 3.1 million iPhones in 3Q (2.7 … Continue reading →

AOL Dialup Just Had Its ‘Best’ Quarter In A Decade, And Still Has 3 Million Subscribers

Jul. 26, ‘12: The headline from AOL’s earnings report this week is that its turnaround as a digital media and advertising company is slowly starting to show progress. But did you know that AOL still has 3 million dialup “access” subscribers — generating … Continue reading →

Apple’s Reality-Check Quarter In Charts

Jul. 24, ‘12: Apple’s June quarter results, released this afternoon, set a few records but fell short of many expectations, including mine. iPhone and Mac shipments were particularly soft, while iPad sales — 17 million — set an all-time high. Apple sold more “computers” … Continue reading →

Virgin America reports $49 million Q1 operating loss on $267 million sales

Jul. 5, ‘12: Virgin America’s focus on customer service and its in-flight amenities — popular with the tech set — haven’t yet translated into profits, as it continues to grow. The privately held company recently reported select Q1 financial results, with CEO David Cush noting … Continue reading →