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Apple’s huge quarter in charts

Apr. 24, ‘12: I’ve taken my Apple earnings chart porn over to ReadWriteWeb this time around. Most impressive: The iPhone, of course. But really, Apple’s growth overall: Find me another tech company generating $40 billion in quarterly revenue and 60% growth… Oh, right, they don’t … Continue reading →

‘The end of RIM as we know it’

Mar. 29, ‘12: A real stinker from RIM this past quarter: Sales down 25% year-over-year while Apple’s iPhone revenue more than doubled. I’ve updated my 10-year chart on RIM’s sales for ReadWriteWeb. Fiscal 2012 was its first year of declining revenue ever, and … Continue reading →

Amazon Kindle sales almost triple to ???

Jan. 31, ‘12: As expected, Amazon didn’t reveal how many Kindle Fires it sold last quarter in today’s earnings report. But it did say that Kindle unit sales grew 177% year-over-year during the 9 weeks ending Dec. 31, 2011. That’s better than Apple’s … Continue reading →

Apple’s Monster Quarter In Charts

Jan. 24, ‘12: Apple’s just-reported December quarter was so huge that I had to change the scale on almost every chart below. Expectations coming in were high, but Apple beat them anyway, shipping 37 million iPhones — almost as many as it shipped … Continue reading →

EA’s smartphone gaming business growing fast, but still pretty small

Oct. 28, ‘11: Electronic Arts has been one of the top game makers for Apple’s iOS platform, and as a result, it said smartphone revenue (non-GAAP) grew 87% year-over-year last quarter (PDF). But overall mobile gaming revenue grew just 12% year-over-year, as smartphone … Continue reading →

Netflix loses 800k subscribers and another 20% in stock price

Oct. 24, ‘11: Netflix’s nightmare Q3 is in the books. And shares are getting hammered after-hours — down more than 20% — as the company says it expects to lose more U.S. streaming subscribers next quarter because of its price increases and DVD split-up. … Continue reading →

Apple’s story is still intact: Never mind today’s results

Oct. 18, ‘11: Weaker than anticipated iPhone sales last quarter forced Apple to miss earnings expectations tonight — a rare showing for the company. As a result, Apple shares are getting whacked right now, down about 7% in after-hours trading. Here’s the thing. … Continue reading →

Apple’s just-okay quarter in charts

Oct. 18, ‘11: Apple just reported September quarter results, and they’re below Wall Street’s expectations for the first time in a long time. Weaker-than-predicted iPhone sales ahead of the iPhone 4S launch seemed to do Apple in. As a result, revenue and profits … Continue reading →

The most amazing thing about Apple is how fast it’s still growing

Oct. 13, ‘11: There are many impressive facets to Apple’s business: Its sheer size, its growth over the past decade, its international growth, its profitability, and how much of it comes from the iOS platform, which only came into existence four years ago. … Continue reading →

RIM shipped just 200,000 PlayBook tablets last quarter, lower prices coming

Sep. 15, ‘11: And that’s shipments — no word on actual sales to users. That’s considered way below expectations, but I don’t know why the expectations were so high to begin with. It was obvious that the PlayBook was a dog. (Yet this is the … Continue reading →