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Amazon’s growth is its highest since 2000

Jul. 26, ‘11: Amazon’s Q2 was huge, with $9.9 billion in revenue particularly ahead of expectations. At 51% year-over-year growth, that’s Amazon’s fastest growth rate in almost 11 years — since Q3 of 2000 — UBS analysts Brian Pitz and Brian Fitzgerald point out … Continue reading →

Netflix already proves that raising DVD prices was the right move

Jul. 26, ‘11: Wall Street is punishing Netflix today for its earnings report yesterday, in which Netflix admitted that its insane growth rate would slow down a little after it changed its subscription plans and effectively raised prices on DVD rentals. But anyone … Continue reading →

Netflix: DVD shipments have likely peaked

Jul. 25, ‘11: Netflix just posted its Q2 earnings materials. Peter Kafka is breaking the numbers down at All Things D. Of note: Netflix says in its bulletin to investors (PDF) that its DVD shipments have likely peaked. And so far, since announcing … Continue reading →

Microsoft loses another $728 million online

Jul. 22, ‘11: That’s enough to fund Color more than 17 times, just from last quarter’s losses in the online department. More from Business Insider, including a scary chart. Otherwise, a solid quarter from Microsoft: $6 billion of profit on $17 billion of … Continue reading →

Apple made more profit than Microsoft over the past year

Jul. 21, ‘11: MG Siegler is keeping score: Microsoft touted $23.15 billion in net income for the year. Apple only passed Microsoft in profit last quarter, the final financial piece to fall. Still, amazingly, Apple holds the yearly edge there too. $23.61 billion. Given their … Continue reading →

AT&T customers spending more than ever on data, despite cheaper plans and free texting apps

Jul. 21, ‘11: Last summer, AT&T was the first major U.S. carrier to drop its unlimited data plan for new subscribers. In its place, AT&T has offered two metered data plans, each less expensive than the previous unlimited plan, which cost $30 per … Continue reading →

Apple sold more smartphones than Nokia in Q2

Jul. 21, ‘11: Nokia reported this morning that it shipped 16.7 million smartphones in Q2, down 34% year-over-year and down 31% from Q1. Apple, meanwhile, shipped 20.3 million iPhones in Q2, up 142% year-over-year and up 9% from Q1. That means Apple sold more … Continue reading →

Everything you missed on today’s Apple earnings call

Jul. 19, ‘11: Here’s a good roundup by MG Siegler at TechCrunch. A few highlights: Apple announced that OS X Lion will launch tomorrow, said that Apple TV is still a “hobby,” and once again teased a “future product transition that we’re not going … Continue reading →

Just like that, the iPad is already bigger than the Mac

Jul. 19, ‘11: It’s only been a year and a few months since Apple’s iPad launched, but as of last quarter, it has already passed Apple’s 27-year-old Mac business in revenue. During the June quarter, Apple sold 9.2 million iPads for $6 billion … Continue reading →

The iPhone and iPad are now more than two-thirds of Apple’s business

Jul. 19, ‘11: More than two-thirds of Apple’s business now comes from iOS devices, which only came into existence 4 years ago. With $13.3 billion in iPhone revenue during the June quarter and $6 billion in iPad revenue, that’s 67% of Apple’s $28.6 … Continue reading →