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Design Of The Times: The Floating-Over-Everything Button

Apr. 18, ‘13: A micro-trend in iOS apps? The new Facebook and Foursquare apps have buttons hovering over — and partially obscuring — the content below. In Facebook’s case (left), it’s a pill-shaped “New Stories” button that shows up at the top of … Continue reading →

Who’s Going To Buy The Facebook Phone?

Apr. 4, ‘13: Facebook unveiled its long-awaited mobile phone platform today. It is, as assumed, a Facebook “layer” on top of Google Android. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, or even take a detailed look at the presentation. But I … Continue reading →

5 Questions About Facebook’s New ‘Graph Search’

Jan. 15, ‘13: What happens to Bing? Facebook and Microsoft are supposed to be partners, and Facebook will continue to display some Bing results. But will Bing integrate the new Graph Search on its own site? Or is this the beginning of Facebook taking … Continue reading →

T-Mobile says its subscribers each ‘visit’ Facebook ~55 times per day on average

Jan. 9, ‘13: From a T-Mobile press release talking up a no-contract unlimited data plan: In total, T-Mobile customers stream 32 million songs and visit Facebook 1.8 billion times per day. With about 33 million T-Mobile subscribers, that suggests 1 song per sub, per … Continue reading →

Twitter is giving the “Sign In With Facebook” team a lot to be happy about right now…

Aug. 23, ‘12: First Instagram, now Tumblr gets the boot, as Twitter focuses more on getting people to build stuff into Twitter and less on letting people extract stuff out of it. Solid analysis here by Dustin Curtis. But, it is interesting that … Continue reading →

Facebook passes 500 million active mobile users

Jul. 26, ‘12: 543 million at the end of June, to be exact, up 67% from a year ago. Kind of amazing, given how crappy its apps are. Still, a rare and incredible amount of potential. Don’t blow it!

The majority of Twitter’s revenue now comes from mobile

Jun. 28, ‘12: Shira Ovide for the WSJ: On most days, Twitter is now generating the majority of its revenue from ads shown to its users on mobile gadgets, rather than from ads on Twitter.com, company executives said. Meanwhile, from Facebook’s IPO filing: … Continue reading →

Facebook CTO Bret Taylor leaves for startup

Jun. 15, ‘12: This doesn’t look great for Facebook, but it’s the reality for talented people in Silicon Valley these days: Anyone not named Mark Zuckerberg or Sheryl Sandberg can’t be expected to stick around Facebook for more than a few years. There’s … Continue reading →

Why Facebook Needs Two Photo Apps

May. 24, ‘12: Facebook released Camera today, an iPhone app that lets you take photos, add filters to them, and share them on Facebook. Hey, wait a second. Isn’t that what Instagram does, which Facebook just smartly agreed to acquire for $1+ billion? Yes … Continue reading →

Why Facebook’s $1 Billion Instagram Deal Is Brilliant

Apr. 9, ‘12: So Instagram is now Facebook’s property. $1 billion in cash and Facebook stock, less than two years in business. Pretty sweet deal for the Instagram team. But it’s also a brilliant move for Facebook. Why? Not only does it now … Continue reading →