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Nicholas Carlson: Facebook should buy WebOS for a couple bucks

Aug. 18, ‘11: Nicholas Carlson, writing for Business Insider: The Android-based Facebook Phone has been tough sledding thanks to the company’s strained relationship with Google and a series of employee departures. HP just gave up on WebOS. Zuckerberg and company could probably pick it up for the price … Continue reading →

Google is using its search riches to attack another industry: Facebook credits

Aug. 12, ‘11: Google is using its massive search advertising business to subsidize an attack on yet another industry: Facebook credits, which are largely used to fund social games. As Dean Takahashi reports for VentureBeat, Google’s new Google+ social gaming platform is only … Continue reading →

Facebook attacks the SMS with messaging app

Aug. 9, ‘11: MG Siegler says SMS is under attack: One thing is more clear than ever before: between iMessages, Beluga, GroupMe, Kik, Google’s new Huddle feature of Google+, and now Facebook Messenger, SMS is under complete and utter assault. Yes, most of … Continue reading →

Google+ is the fastest website to reach 25 million users

Aug. 3, ‘11: And it’s growing at around 1 million users per day, Reuters’ Alistair Barr reports. In contrast, it took Facebook about three years to attract 25 million visitors, while Twitter took just over 30 months, according to comScore. Perhaps, but Google+ … Continue reading →

[Sponsor] The growing importance of Facebook for online video

Jul. 29, ‘11: The latest comScore Video Metrix report shows Facebook in the top 10 destinations for online video with nearly 48 million unique viewers in June 2011, outpacing popular video sites like Hulu (26.7 million uniques). That seems impressive on its own, … Continue reading →

“328 Googlers Facebook should poach”

Jul. 28, ‘11: Interesting exercise and post by Seravia, a business analytics startup, to try and figure out algorithmically which Google engineers Facebook should try to steal if it wants to build a search engine. We set ourselves a target of identifying 100+ … Continue reading →

How the social games business on mobile is different than on Facebook

Jul. 27, ‘11: Facebook’s web platform has helped social gaming companies like Zynga attract tens of millions of users and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. But replicating that success on mobile is a much different challenge: App development, marketing, discovery, and … Continue reading →

Facebook for iPhone now has 85 million active users, up 50% in 7 months

Jul. 25, ‘11: Facebook’s iPhone app just passed 85 million monthly active users, according to the Facebook for iPhone page. That’s up 50% from 7 months ago, around Christmas, when it had 57 million active users. How about Facebook’s penetration among iOS devices? … Continue reading →

If Palm were for sale today, the deal would probably be a lot more interesting

Jul. 18, ‘11: HP acquired Palm last April for $1.2 billion, winning a bake-off that also included RIM, Apple, and Google, according to my reporting last summer. A lot has changed since then — both at HP and in the mobile industry — … Continue reading →

A great analogy for Google+ vs. Facebook

Jul. 8, ‘11: Longtime digital media exec Jason Hirschhorn, via Twitter: Using Facebook is like putting together something and not needing instructions. Google+, not so much. Exactly. It’s been, what, a week? And I still don’t really understand what I’m supposed to do … Continue reading →