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AOL vs. Netflix: The Entire Internet In One Simple Chart

May. 8, ‘13: Dialup out, broadband in. It doesn’t get more clear than this. At the end of March, almost 2.7 million people still subscribed to AOL service, the company reported this morning. That’s about where Netflix stood at the end of 2004. … Continue reading →

Apple’s Solid-After-All Quarter In Charts

Apr. 23, ‘13: Apple is still growing, but slower than before. And it’s not as profitable as it was a year ago — a rare reversal. But it’s still solid. Apple reported March quarter earnings this afternoon. Expectations were muted, and Apple beat … Continue reading →

Peak Mac?

Jan. 29, ‘13: Was 2012 a one-off year of treading water for Apple’s Mac business? Or has the Mac peaked for good? After years of impressive growth, Mac shipments declined in 2012. During the December quarter, Mac shipments dropped a conspicuous 22% from … Continue reading →

AOL Dialup Just Had Its ‘Best’ Quarter In A Decade, And Still Has 3 Million Subscribers

Jul. 26, ‘12: The headline from AOL’s earnings report this week is that its turnaround as a digital media and advertising company is slowly starting to show progress. But did you know that AOL still has 3 million dialup “access” subscribers — generating … Continue reading →

Microsoft Isn’t Just Losing Smartphone Market Share: Its Mobile User Base Is Actually Shrinking

Apr. 24, ‘12: Few technology markets have exploded over the past few years like the smartphone industry. This has made a fortune for Apple, where the iPhone business should pass $100 billion in sales this year. And it has been great for Google, … Continue reading →

The ‘Eggs In One Basket’ Index

Feb. 3, ‘12: Earlier, I noted how Facebook’s advertising business generated 85% of its revenue last year, down from 95% in 2010, as its payments business is helping it diversify away from ads. Then I saw this post by Ed Bott, comparing Microsoft, … Continue reading →

Gogo’s IPO filing: 10 big takeaways

Dec. 23, ‘11: Gogo, the company that provides most in-flight wi-fi service in the U.S., just filed to go public, aiming to raise up to $100 million. Here’s a link to its IPO filing with the SEC. Big picture: Most planes still don’t … Continue reading →

RIM’s rise and decline: A 10-year view

Dec. 20, ‘11: BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is a classic example of a company that had one great idea, grew huge because of it, but couldn’t save itself as the industry moved on. And now for the first time ever, RIM’s sales … Continue reading →

How does Sony make money? Life insurance!

Nov. 10, ‘11: Sony’s consumer electronics business — led by TVs, videogames, and computers — still generates about half of the company’s sales. But Sony’s profits these days come from what may seem like an unexpected source: Its financial services business, which includes … Continue reading →

The rise and decline of Sony: A 20-year view

Nov. 9, ‘11: Sony lost $350 million last quarter on more than $20 billion of sales, and warned last week that full-year losses would total more than $1 billion — its fourth straight year of losses. Sony blamed last quarter’s sales decline on … Continue reading →