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BuzzFeed’s history of Pong

Nov. 29, ‘12: I love the way BuzzFeed put thought and resources into how an individual story should look. Most web publications don’t even seem to care about how their site looks, never mind a single article. (The Verge does this well, too. It’s … Continue reading →

‘Pocket Planes’ airline simulator, from the makers of ‘Tiny Tower’

Mar. 6, ‘12: Could be the first iPhone game I get addicted to since Flight Control.

EA’s smartphone gaming business growing fast, but still pretty small

Oct. 28, ‘11: Electronic Arts has been one of the top game makers for Apple’s iOS platform, and as a result, it said smartphone revenue (non-GAAP) grew 87% year-over-year last quarter (PDF). But overall mobile gaming revenue grew just 12% year-over-year, as smartphone … Continue reading →

Freemium and the iPhone App Store: The in-app purchasing model really works

Oct. 14, ‘11: One of the best decisions Apple made for the iOS App Store was to open up in-app purchasing to free apps. (It was initially for paid apps only.) This has allowed app developers — especially game developers — to really … Continue reading →

Netflix is “still considering” game rentals

Oct. 10, ‘11: Netflix is “still considering” game rentals, a rep says by email. That was one of the questions I had when looking at Netflix’s decision to reverse its DVD business spinoff under the “Qwikster” name. As you recall, part of the … Continue reading →

Glitch, the gorgeous new game from Flickr cofounder Stewart Butterfield, runs Flash

Sep. 27, ‘11: From the Glitch About page: What technology does it use? (Heh. Nerd.) The game client is Flash (though someday there will be other clients) and the server is built in a fairly new and different way for a game: the back … Continue reading →

Netflix wants to get rid of its DVD business so badly that it’s changing the name… to Qwikster

Sep. 19, ‘11: Netflix's latest move to get its customers to forget DVDs is to rename its DVD service: Starting in a few weeks, it will be called Qwikster, and will also include a videogame rental option.

Madden 2012: Guess where you can download it and where you can’t

Aug. 30, ‘11: If you want to play it on an Xbox 360 or PS3, you have to leave your house, go to a store, and buy it on a plastic disc. If you want to play it right now, you can buy it … Continue reading →

Why FarmVille is kicking Madden’s butt

Aug. 18, ‘11: Great post by Chris Dixon about disruption in the videogame industry: Console games kept adding feature after feature to please their most demanding customers. Meanwhile, social and mobile games came along that were playable by the other 95%+ of the … Continue reading →

Of course Nintendo should make iPhone games

Aug. 11, ‘11: I’m not alone: A Japan fund manager is the latest to argue that Nintendo should be creating games for the red-hot iPhone gaming platform. (Here’s my post from March, 2010, on the subject.) Of course Nintendo should make iOS apps, for the … Continue reading →