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How Will Apple React To Google’s $3 Billion Nest Deal?

Jan. 13, ‘14: Probably by doing nothing differently. Just because Larry Page is on an aggressive investment rampage — Waze, Über, now ex-Apple exec Tony Fadell’s Nest — that shouldn’t change the Apple playbook: Say no a hundred times more than you say … Continue reading →

Android Curious

Sep. 20, ‘13: This summer, for the first time, I thought seriously about switching to a Google phone. But — for now, at least — I’m sticking with Apple. It’s iPhone day. For six years — mostly while I was writing tech news … Continue reading →

The App Store Era’s Biggest Winners And Losers

Jul. 9, ‘13: Five years in, here’s who has done the best and who’s lost the most. Winners Apple. Obviously. Apple’s iPhone App Store wasn’t the first way to load apps on your smartphone, but it was the best and quickly became the … Continue reading →

“The switch to Android first hasn’t happened yet, but at least based on conversations I’ve had with entrepreneurs, it seems likely to happen in the next year or two.”

Jun. 3, ‘13: — Chris Dixon has some interesting thoughts on mobile. We’ll have to check on this in a year or so — I’ll set a reminder in my, uh, Google calendar.

How Google Is Eating Chrome

Apr. 25, ‘13: Bit by bit, Chrome is becoming less about us and more about Google. I switched to Chrome a few years ago because it was insanely fast, relatively stable, and refreshingly uncluttered. Especially relative to Firefox, which was on the road … Continue reading →

“Google is making this move … to finally put some pressure on cable and phone companies — America’s biggest ISPs — to upgrade their own networks faster.”

Apr. 9, ‘13: — I probably underestimated Google a bit in this 2010 article about Google Fiber, but that was a pretty good way to look at it.

Microsoft’s Mobile Comeback Isn’t Happening

Apr. 5, ‘13: We’re only talking about the world’s biggest software company and the future of computers. So far, it’s still basically irrelevant. To Microsoft’s credit, Windows 8 and Windows Phone seem like solid products. There are some Windows features I’d like to … Continue reading →

The End Of Android

Mar. 20, ‘13: Irresponsible speculation about Google’s management change. Why is Andy Rubin no longer running the mobile platform he created? Who knows. Probably only a few people know the real reason. Maybe Andy doesn’t even know. This sort of stuff is complicated. … Continue reading →

5 Questions About Facebook’s New ‘Graph Search’

Jan. 15, ‘13: What happens to Bing? Facebook and Microsoft are supposed to be partners, and Facebook will continue to display some Bing results. But will Bing integrate the new Graph Search on its own site? Or is this the beginning of Facebook taking … Continue reading →

Dan Lyons: ‘Google’s FTC Settlement Is An Epic Fail For Microsoft’

Jan. 4, ‘13: Pretty much the only Google/FTC article you need to read. Microsoft — its momentum stunted by the U.S. government — has put a lot of effort into getting Google in trouble, too. That hasn’t really happened, and Microsoft now has … Continue reading →