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How Google Maps Saved My Tokyo Trip, Exhibit A

Dec. 20, ‘12: Not to pile on a week later, but the difference in information between Apple Maps (left) and Google Maps (right) isn’t even funny. Even more useful than this simple (built-in) subway map overlay: Search actually finds the place you want … Continue reading →

Where Are Google’s Nexus Stores?

Oct. 31, ‘12: Google’s Nexus tablets are supposed to be credible competitors to Apple’s iPads and Amazon’s Kindle Fires. And they’re actually selling pretty well — approaching 1 million sales a month, Google’s partner Asustek recently told the WSJ. But it should be … Continue reading →

Apple Maps: The FAQ

Sep. 21, ‘12: Just a perfect post by Kontra.

iOS Maps, Now Apple’s Most Exciting Story

Sep. 20, ‘12: That cliché about how you don’t miss a good thing until it’s gone? That’s how a lot of iPhone users are feeling today about the old Google-powered Maps app. As you may have experienced by now, Apple has replaced it … Continue reading →

How Google builds its maps

Sep. 7, ‘12: Cool story by Alexis Madrigal for the Atlantic, especially how the Street View cars fit into everything: Google is up to five million miles driven now. Each drive generates two kinds of really useful data for mapping. One is the … Continue reading →

Apple And Samsung Have Nothing To Worry About After Today’s Nokia And Motorola Events

Sep. 5, ‘12: Nokia’s new Lumia 920 and 820 look nice, as the previous ones did, but that’s not enough. Nokia and Microsoft need to give consumers and/or operators some really compelling reasons to gamble with Windows phones, and they still haven’t. I’ve … Continue reading →

How Much User Data Is Boingo Sharing With Free-NYC-WiFi-Sponsor Google? Apparently, None

Jul. 26, ‘12: Google (specifically, Google Offers) has been sponsoring free Boingo wifi in a few NYC Subway stations this summer. My first question was: Well, what’s in it for Google? The Boingo login page encourages you to sign up for Google Offers, … Continue reading →

Google is moving 3,000 Motorola employees to downtown Chicago from the suburbs

Jul. 26, ‘12: Smart move to attract younger engineering talent — the Northwest suburbs, where Motorola is now, are awful — and good news for Chicago’s ever-growing tech scene.

Businessweek: Inside Google’s Motorola

May. 23, ‘12: Good article by Brad Stone and Peter Burrows. Did you know: Apple tried to hire Dennis Woodside, the Google vet now running Motorola, to become its head of sales. So much for that Apple-Google no-poaching agreement. Google hired a former … Continue reading →

Motorola Will Be Google’s Most Interesting Project Yet

May. 22, ‘12: Google’s $12+ billion Motorola deal is closed, and Google veteran Dennis Woodside is taking over as Motorola CEO. Now the fun begins. For a variety of reasons, this has the potential to be Google’s most interesting project yet. This is … Continue reading →