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Tech’s doomsday plots: How Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Facebook could stumble

Jan. 12, ‘12: At ReadWriteWeb, I lay out the biggest risks for tech’s most important companies. Not necessarily the ones that get the most attention, but the ones that actually matter. (Although, coincidentally, Google’s potentially monopolistic activities have been getting a lot of … Continue reading →

Actually, iPhone users tend to be richer and better educated than Android users

Dec. 16, ‘11: I’m not sure where this fits into M.G. Siegler and Joshua Topolsky‘s “class warfare” argument about Apple’s iPhone and Google Android, but here’s some interesting data from the fine folks at comScore. iPhone subscribers in the U.S. say they belong … Continue reading →

Why Google is bending to Verizon over Google Wallet

Dec. 8, ‘11: Google has complied, so far, with Verizon Wireless’s request to withhold the Google Wallet mobile payments service from the new Galaxy Nexus phone. Why? Because Verizon is a very important partner for Google: Its biggest Android customer in the country and … Continue reading →

Is Verizon even allowed to discriminate against NFC apps like Google Wallet?

Dec. 7, ‘11: Verizon Wireless has been careful to point out that it is not technically blocking the Google Wallet app/service from the new Galaxy Nexus phone, and that it is still negotiating with Google. Google, too, has not used the “blocked” word … Continue reading →

Isn’t it ironic: Google Wallet “closed” on the airwaves Google lobbied the FCC to keep “open”

Dec. 6, ‘11: About four years ago, Google was in activist mode, campaigning the FCC to force our wireless airwaves “open”, serving consumers’ interests above those of wireless operators. Google called for rules like: “Open applications: Consumers should be able to download and utilize any … Continue reading →

3 random, meaningless stats, because I love you

Nov. 16, ‘11: 55.5 million people “Like” Facebook on Facebook, or about one for every 14.5 of its 800+ million users. @Twitter has 6.8 million followers on Twitter and has tweeted 1,222 times. Google has “About 12,240,000,000 results” for “google”. (Bonus: If you … Continue reading →

Why Apple’s iPhone market share actually matters

Nov. 15, ‘11: While Google Android’s share of the smartphone market soars, Apple’s is drooping. Last quarter, Android represented 53% of smartphone shipments, according to Gartner — some 60 million devices shipped worldwide. That represented three times more Android shipments than the year-ago … Continue reading →

Actually, Apple’s Siri is only a small threat to Google

Nov. 10, ‘11: Siri may well be Apple’s entry into the search industry, and some Siri functions may indeed disintermediate Google in mobile search queries. But that shouldn’t have a large impact on Google’s business. It’s not really a “serious threat,” as Fortune … Continue reading →

Google updates Google TV but punts on the real question

Oct. 28, ‘11: Google announced a new interface and new features for Google TV today, including the ability to run Android apps from Android Market. That’s fine and good, and early Google TV adopters may appreciate these changes. But the real question — … Continue reading →

Adventures in self-publishing: Rejected from Google News!

Oct. 18, ‘11: Google, the search company that started as two guys at Stanford, openly discriminates against entrepreneurs. At least for its Google News product. Not only is that silly and short-sighted, but it should go against everything Google stands for. Yesterday, I … Continue reading →