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iAd Will Have A New-Look Sales Team: Two More Quattro Guys Leave Apple

Jan. 31, ‘12: As Apple’s new iAd lead — ex-Adobe exec Todd Teresi — reshapes his organization, two more ex-Quattro Wireless execs are leaving the company, sources say. (Apple bought Quattro two years ago to jump-start its iAd advertising division.) Steven Rosenblatt (pictured left), who … Continue reading →

Apple hasn’t given up on iAds

Dec. 13, ‘11: It’s been a long time since Apple said anything in public about its iAd mobile advertising product, but things are still apparently moving along behind the scenes. The WSJ’s Emily Steel and Jessica Vascellaro report that Apple has been tweaking … Continue reading →

Q&A: Former Apple exec Andy Miller on Steve Jobs, becoming a VC, and owning a minor-league baseball team

Oct. 10, ‘11: Andy Miller left Apple this past summer to become a General Partner at Highland Capital Partners, a venture capital firm. At Apple, he was the company’s VP of Advertising, reporting directly to Steve Jobs. (Apple bought his mobile advertising company, Quattro Wireless, almost … Continue reading →

Apple snubs iAds, again

Oct. 4, ‘11: Another Apple keynote down, another day without an update on iAds, Apple’s mobile advertising business. Now, I know it’s in a bit of a transition. And Eddy Cue, Apple’s SVP of online services — now in charge of iAds after … Continue reading →

How Apple can fix iAd

Sep. 8, ‘11: If Apple is serious about its iAd business — and I believe it still is — and wants to be a great advertising partner for app developers, media companies, brands, and agencies, here’s what it needs to do: Understand that … Continue reading →

Apple’s iAds are now Eddy Cue’s problem

Sep. 1, ‘11: Apple’s iTunes boss Eddy Cue has been promoted to senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, according to a memo from Apple CEO Tim Cook leaked to 9to5Mac. Eddy oversees Apple’s industry-leading content stores including the iTunes Store, the … Continue reading →

Blame Steve Jobs — not Andy Miller — for Apple’s iAd failure

Aug. 17, ‘11: Apple’s iAd boss Andy Miller is leaving the company for a venture capital firm, Kara Swisher reports for All Things D. This sounds like a good move for Miller. While Apple’s iAd made a big splash, and was technically impressive, … Continue reading →

Apple’s iAd is starting to crumble

Jul. 7, ‘11: Bloomberg’s Adam Satariano reports: Apple has cut the minimum ad purchase from $1 million to $500,000, and it’s offering agencies deals for as low as $300,000 if they bring together multiple campaigns, the two people said. The minimum purchase — … Continue reading →