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A look at the Mac App Store, 100 million downloads later

Dec. 13, ‘11: Apple announced yesterday that in less than a year, Mac users have downloaded 100 million apps from the Mac App Store. With around 60 million Macs out there, that suggests the average Mac user has downloaded at least one app, … Continue reading →

EA’s smartphone gaming business growing fast, but still pretty small

Oct. 28, ‘11: Electronic Arts has been one of the top game makers for Apple’s iOS platform, and as a result, it said smartphone revenue (non-GAAP) grew 87% year-over-year last quarter (PDF). But overall mobile gaming revenue grew just 12% year-over-year, as smartphone … Continue reading →

Apple’s huge week was big for Twitter and Facebook, too

Oct. 17, ‘11: Last week was huge for Apple: It sold 4 million of the new iPhone 4S, and more than 25 million people are already using iOS 5. It was also a big week for Twitter and Facebook, according to iPhone App … Continue reading →

iOS 5 arrives today: Here’s what I’m most excited about

Oct. 12, ‘11: Apple’s iOS 5 launches today. It’s a free upgrade for most of Apple’s semi-recent devices, including the iPhone 4 and 3GS, iPad 1 and 2, and recent iPod touches. You can get it from iTunes, probably sometime this afternoon. Here’s … Continue reading →

Apple is quietly disintermediating Google in mobile search

Sep. 27, ‘11: Apple is not building a web search engine — yet, that I know of. But through its new, voice-controlled mobile “Assistant” feature in iOS 5, Apple could change the way people think of searching, building search-and-retrieve directly into the iOS user … Continue reading →

Apple quietly removes UDID API, many developers will have to scramble

Aug. 19, ‘11: Specifically, I’m told that Apple has unexpectedly deprecated the API to access an iOS device’s UDID, or unique device identifier, according to an iOS developer who doesn’t want to be named as the information is under NDA. Developers use this … Continue reading →

Of course Nintendo should make iPhone games

Aug. 11, ‘11: I’m not alone: A Japan fund manager is the latest to argue that Nintendo should be creating games for the red-hot iPhone gaming platform. (Here’s my post from March, 2010, on the subject.) Of course Nintendo should make iOS apps, for the … Continue reading →

The iPhone and iPad are now more than two-thirds of Apple’s business

Jul. 19, ‘11: More than two-thirds of Apple’s business now comes from iOS devices, which only came into existence 4 years ago. With $13.3 billion in iPhone revenue during the June quarter and $6 billion in iPad revenue, that’s 67% of Apple’s $28.6 … Continue reading →

[Sponsor] Brightcove expands beyond online video with App Cloud

Jul. 6, ‘11: Brightcove, the company best known for powering online video for the likes of Aol, New York Times and Showtime, has launched a new software platform that promises to change the way media publishers approach app development for smartphones and tablets. … Continue reading →