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Why Is The iPad Mini $329? Because It Is

Oct. 23, ‘12: But Amazon’s Kindle Fire thing is half the price! But the Nexus 7 is way cheaper! So? Apple is going to sell out of its Christmas 2012 supply of iPad minis no matter how much it costs — $329, $200, … Continue reading →

Why Mixel rebooted

Aug. 29, ‘12: Mixel CEO Khoi Vinh chats with Peter Kafka about why Mixel 1.0 didn’t work and why 2.0 might. One of the most interesting points: It’s very hard to build a social network consisting entirely of iPad users, without an iPhone … Continue reading →

You Don’t Know Jack: A Friendly Reminder From Apple v. Samsung

Aug. 4, ‘12: A good amount of the skepticism about Apple’s supposedly forthcoming 8-inch iPad mini can be traced back to remarks Steve Jobs made on Oct. 18, 2010, during Apple’s fall earnings call. (“This size is useless unless you include sandpaper so users … Continue reading →

Time’s Up For ‘The Daily’?

Jul. 13, ‘12: The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s iPad newspaper, is apparently on probation while News Corp. figures out “whether it could turn around losses that were estimated at roughly $30 million a year,” the NYT’s Amy Chozick reported yesterday. I don’t know The … Continue reading →

30 Days With The New iPad

Apr. 16, ‘12: After a month with Apple’s new iPad, it’s easy to see why this is the future of the personal computer. It’s not all the way there yet, but the original vision behind the iPad — combined with some upgrades in … Continue reading →

That Was Fast! Apple Store Replaces Old iPad 2 Billboard

Apr. 5, ‘12: AdAge ribbed Apple yesterday for displaying an old iPad 2 billboard atop one of its most visible stores — a month after Apple had unveiled the new iPad. Looks like Apple is paying attention: I just shot this photo of … Continue reading →

iPad Tradeup

Mar. 25, ‘12: Just got back from the Apple Store* with my new, new iPad. Now I have the 64 GB Verizon LTE model; before, I bought the 32 GB wi-fi model, as I explained here. (Still sticking with black bezel, to offer the … Continue reading →

Which New iPad?

Mar. 8, ‘12: Sometimes Apple makes things simple. Sometimes it does not. There are many iPads to choose from today. More than yesterday. I pre-ordered the 32 GB black wi-fi-only ‘iPad’ (third generation) today, and a new Apple TV (my first) to go … Continue reading →

Why the new iPad is so huge for Apple

Mar. 8, ‘12: Great product at a great price, rare market opportunity, and a big, fast-growing business. Apple could potentially sell 80 million iPads this year, about twice as many as it did last year, and more than the number of iPad 1s … Continue reading →

iPad + Office + Apple + Microsoft: Why It All Makes Sense

Feb. 23, ‘12: In case you missed the craziness this week, Microsoft appears to be making some Office apps for the iPad. Or maybe it’s not. Or whatever. MG Siegler has a good wrapup of the nonsense here. Office for the iPad makes … Continue reading →