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iOS 5 arrives today: Here’s what I’m most excited about

Oct. 12, ‘11: Apple’s iOS 5 launches today. It’s a free upgrade for most of Apple’s semi-recent devices, including the iPhone 4 and 3GS, iPad 1 and 2, and recent iPod touches. You can get it from iTunes, probably sometime this afternoon. Here’s … Continue reading →

iPad’s dominance of tablet usage, even 1.5 years later, is astounding

Oct. 11, ‘11: How many dozens of Android tablets have been announced? Plus the BlackBerry PlayBook and HP’s TouchPad? And yet, among tablets, Apple’s iPad represented 97.2% of U.S. tablet web traffic in August, according to comScore. That is incredible dominance, given that … Continue reading →

Facebook for iPad: Instant classic

Oct. 10, ‘11: It’s finally here, and after a few minutes of testing, I can say that it’s great. (More info at Facebook’s blog.) Facebook for iPad should quickly become the most popular iPad app, just as Facebook for iPhone is likely the … Continue reading →

Overanalyzing Apple’s product cycles: Why the iPhone 4S shouldn’t surprise you

Oct. 6, ‘11: The ridiculous outrage around Apple’s iPhone 4S seems to have been quieted by Steve Jobs’ death. But for the sake of closure, I’ll be clear: There never should have been any shock around the iPhone 4S to begin with. Apple … Continue reading →

Apple just set itself up for a huge product year in 2012

Oct. 4, ‘11: Apple’s product launches this year have been mostly evolutionary. That sets the stage for a potentially huge 2012. Consider what Apple released in 2010: The first iPad, the amazing iPhone 4 with “retina” display, the tiny new Apple TV, the … Continue reading →

“The Daily” 8 months in, 80,000 paying subs

Oct. 3, ‘11: Official numbers from The Daily, via AdAge’s Michael Learmonth: Today The Daily has 120,000 active weekly readers, 80,000 of whom are actually paying for the app, according to Publisher Greg Clayman. The bigger number includes 40,000 non-paying readers on a … Continue reading →

10 things Apple must do in response to the Kindle Fire

Sep. 30, ‘11: Keep making the iPad awesome That’s about it, seriously. Sure, there may be some price tweaks someday, but that’s always been on the table. And if people decide they love 7-inch tablets more than 10-inch tablets, maybe someday Apple will … Continue reading →

Kindle Fire: No big threat to the iPad, but should sell well

Sep. 28, ‘11: Amazon’s Kindle Fire is what everyone expected: A small tablet, mostly for consuming media, watching video, playing games, reading Kindle e-books, browsing the web, and goofing around in apps. It is also cheaper than expected, at $199 — less than … Continue reading →

500 days with the iPad

Sep. 12, ‘11: It has now been 500 days since my iPad 3G arrived at the end of April, 2010. So, as I did after 100 days — when it was my “favorite” computer — and after 300 days — when I barely … Continue reading →

The new Apple: The best gadgets, but also the best prices

Sep. 6, ‘11: This isn’t a brand-new phenomenon, but it’s worth repeating and re-emphasizing: What makes Apple so successful today — and so threatening to its competitors — isn’t just its design and engineering capabilities. It’s the fact that Apple is beating its … Continue reading →