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What Apple’s ‘5 Million’ iPhone 5 Sales Really Mean: Not That Much

Sep. 24, ‘12: Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5s in its first weekend, up from 4 million iPhone 4Ss last year. This number isn’t 10 million or even 8 million or 6 million, so some are saying that it’s “WORSE THAN EXPECTED” or … Continue reading →

iPhone 5: The First Hour

Sep. 21, ‘12: Biggest disappointment so far: The “slate” metal edge seems really delicate. Look, it’s already scratched and nicked, just from a light fall — pretty ugly. I never dropped my iPhone 4 or 4S. The iPhone 5 is a little slippery, … Continue reading →

The only iPhone 5 feature that matters: LTE

Sep. 21, ‘12: My latest for ReadWriteWeb about how LTE is going to be as revolutionary for the iPhone 5 as solid-state drives were for the MacBook Air. Totally unscientific test, but this morning the Verizon LTE in my apartment was 50 times … Continue reading →

iPhone 5: Questions, Comments, And Observations

Sep. 12, ‘12: The iPhone 5 is pretty much as expected, and nothing’s really surprising. But the phone looks very good. I’ll definitely be pre-ordering one. (Leading towards 64 GB, black, on Verizon.) The big-picture takeaway: Apple still seems very happy with the … Continue reading →

10 Things The ‘5’ In Apple’s iPhone Event Invitation Might Be Foreshadowing

Sep. 4, ‘12: The number of announcements at the event. Perhaps: iOS 6, new iPhone, some big new Apple iOS app, new dock connector, some hardware accessories? The number of colors the new iPhone will ship in. The number of inches in the … Continue reading →

Maybe it’ll be the ‘iPhone 5’ after all…

Sep. 4, ‘12: Or maybe Apple’s just messing with us.

The New iPhone: The 3 Features I Actually Care About

Aug. 14, ‘12: It looks like Apple will be launching the new iPhone in about a month. After spending the last 2 years using an iPhone 4 and 4S, here’s all I want from the new one. (Besides iOS 6, of course.) Speed. The … Continue reading →

The iPhone Era is already longer than the iPod Era before it

Jul. 10, ‘12: You should read John Gruber’s whole take on the supposedly forthcoming 8-inch iPad mini — it’s good. But the thing that jumped out at me was a tiny detail: The game-changing iPod mini didn’t launch until early 2004, more than two … Continue reading →

What I’d really love from Apple at WWDC…

Jun. 8, ‘12: At ReadWriteWeb, I’ve put together a list of the things that “actually matter” for Apple’s WWDC conference next week. But I left off a personal request: Wifi voice calls in iOS 6. Why? Because even now, despite all the money … Continue reading →

Hands On — Sort Of! — With AppBaseball, A Japanese iPhone Baseball Gadget

May. 9, ‘12: When I saw AppBaseball in the store here in Tokyo, my eyes lit up. I spent many hours as a kid playing lo-fi handheld baseball videogames: First the baseball half of the Tiger Electronics Bo Jackson baseball/football hybrid game, then … Continue reading →