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The iPhone Accessories In Tokyo Are Pretty Amazing

May. 8, ‘12: Five years ago I visited Tokyo and the coolest things I saw were a dancing Sony alarm clock and a humping-dog USB toy. Now I’m here again, and all you see anywhere are iPhone cases, headphone jack toys, iPad stands, … Continue reading →

Around the world with an unlocked iPhone

May. 1, ‘12: I’ve been traveling this year with an unlocked iPhone 4S, buying local SIM cards as I go. For the most part, it’s been great — it has made overseas business travel, in particular, much more efficient. Later this summer, I’ll … Continue reading →

3 Weeks With The iPhone 4S: The S Is For Slick

Feb. 6, ‘12: I’ve been an every-other-iPhone buyer, so after getting the iPhone 4 in 2010, I was planning to skip the iPhone 4S and wait for whatever’s next. But with all the international travel I’m planning to do this year for my … Continue reading →

The iPhone’s comeback and the power of carrier distribution

Jan. 18, ‘12: Survey data from Nielsen suggests that Apple’s iPhone almost closed the gap with Google Android in December, as far as new smartphone purchases go. Assuming it’s accurate, this says as much about the value of carrier distribution as it says about … Continue reading →

5 years ahead

Jan. 9, ‘12: Five years ago today, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone for the first time, completely changing the mobile industry. (If you haven’t watched his keynote lately, you should. It is his best performance ever, I think.) That means today … Continue reading →

10 Things We Learned About Apple In 2011

Dec. 29, ‘11: Apple did have a succession plan — an obvious one. There were a lot of big Apple stories this year, but Steve Jobs’ retirement and death was the biggest. For years, especially around Jobs’ previous medical leave in 2009, there … Continue reading →

Actually, iPhone users tend to be richer and better educated than Android users

Dec. 16, ‘11: I’m not sure where this fits into M.G. Siegler and Joshua Topolsky‘s “class warfare” argument about Apple’s iPhone and Google Android, but here’s some interesting data from the fine folks at comScore. iPhone subscribers in the U.S. say they belong … Continue reading →

Tweetbot rides the NewNewTwitter wave

Dec. 13, ‘11: For a strong take on what people don’t like about the new Twitter iPhone app, read John Gruber’s article, “R.I.P. Tweetie.” And then, you might want to check out Tweetbot, which seems to be the unofficial-Twitter-app-of-choice on the iPhone these … Continue reading →

Survey says: iPhone 4S owners love Siri, hate their batteries

Dec. 1, ‘11: Market research firm ChangeWave published these charts this morning, showing survey results of what 219 iPhone 4S owners like and dislike the most about their phones. Not surprisingly, Siri — the iPhone’s charming new personal assistant tool — is the … Continue reading →

Smart! RIM will help enterprise customers manage their iPhones and Androids, too

Nov. 29, ‘11: Here’s RIM’s press release, announcing a new “BlackBerry Mobile Fusion” service. This seems to be RIM’s admission that it’s losing enterprise phone sales to the iPhone and Android — an undeniable truth. (Especially when it comes to employee-owned devices being … Continue reading →