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Why Apple’s iPhone market share actually matters

Nov. 15, ‘11: While Google Android’s share of the smartphone market soars, Apple’s is drooping. Last quarter, Android represented 53% of smartphone shipments, according to Gartner — some 60 million devices shipped worldwide. That represented three times more Android shipments than the year-ago … Continue reading →

iPhone 4 and 3GS were best-selling U.S. phones in Q3, despite age and slowdown

Nov. 14, ‘11: The top selling smartphones in Q3, via research firm NPD Group: Apple iPhone 4 Apple iPhone 3GS HTC EVO 4G Motorola Droid 3 Samsung Intensity II The iPhones topped the charts in Q2, too, but it’s interesting that they continued … Continue reading →

Snapshot of our time: Sirius XM has 85 times more subscribers than Spotify

Nov. 4, ‘11: Starting now, I’ll be collecting and maintaining a master list of subscription-based media services, and tracking their growing and shrinking popularity. Here’s the first edition, which I’ve assembled from earnings releases, SEC filings, press reports, blog posts, and a few … Continue reading →

Apple’s just-okay quarter in charts

Oct. 18, ‘11: Apple just reported September quarter results, and they’re below Wall Street’s expectations for the first time in a long time. Weaker-than-predicted iPhone sales ahead of the iPhone 4S launch seemed to do Apple in. As a result, revenue and profits … Continue reading →

Apple’s iBooks app rides the iPhone 4S wave, Amazon Kindle app doesn’t

Oct. 17, ‘11: Here’s one more chart showing some interesting iPhone App Store mechanics over the past week. Apple updated its iBooks app last Tuesday ahead of the iOS 5 and iPhone 4S launches, and featured it in the App Store. Over the … Continue reading →

Apple’s huge week was big for Twitter and Facebook, too

Oct. 17, ‘11: Last week was huge for Apple: It sold 4 million of the new iPhone 4S, and more than 25 million people are already using iOS 5. It was also a big week for Twitter and Facebook, according to iPhone App … Continue reading →

Apple’s 4-million-iPhone-4S weekend in context

Oct. 17, ‘11: Apple announced this morning that it sold more than 4 million iPhone 4S units over the weekend. That is an Apple record, a mobile phone record — according to Apple — and maybe even a consumer electronics record. For context, … Continue reading →

Freemium and the iPhone App Store: The in-app purchasing model really works

Oct. 14, ‘11: One of the best decisions Apple made for the iOS App Store was to open up in-app purchasing to free apps. (It was initially for paid apps only.) This has allowed app developers — especially game developers — to really … Continue reading →

Apple’s iPhone-line drought is over

Oct. 14, ‘11: Remember when Apple launched the Verizon iPhone this past February and practically no one lined up to buy it? That’s not the case today, as the iPhone 4S started selling this morning. Both MacStories and Business Insider have “iPhone lines … Continue reading →

Apple still can’t keep make iPhones fast enough, even with the familiar 4S design

Oct. 13, ‘11: One of the advantages of keeping a similar case design for the iPhone 4S, I thought, was that it would help Apple stay in front of demand. Not quite. The iPhone 4S — which goes on sale tomorrow — has … Continue reading →