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A look at the Mac App Store, 100 million downloads later

Dec. 13, ‘11: Apple announced yesterday that in less than a year, Mac users have downloaded 100 million apps from the Mac App Store. With around 60 million Macs out there, that suggests the average Mac user has downloaded at least one app, … Continue reading →

Apple’s future, as predicted 15 years ago

Oct. 20, ‘11: Trying to make predictions about the technology industry more than a few years out is a crapshoot. Things change, things stay the same, design breakthroughs mess up everyone’s plans, good products fail, and seemingly lame ideas prosper. Five years ago, … Continue reading →

A closer look at Apple’s Mac business

Oct. 19, ‘11: One of the bright spots in Apple’s earnings report yesterday was the Mac business, which reported a record 4.9 million shipments and passed $6 billion in quarterly sales for the first time ever. As the iPhone and iPad have become … Continue reading →

Apple’s just-okay quarter in charts

Oct. 18, ‘11: Apple just reported September quarter results, and they’re below Wall Street’s expectations for the first time in a long time. Weaker-than-predicted iPhone sales ahead of the iPhone 4S launch seemed to do Apple in. As a result, revenue and profits … Continue reading →

Overanalyzing Apple’s product cycles: Why the iPhone 4S shouldn’t surprise you

Oct. 6, ‘11: The ridiculous outrage around Apple’s iPhone 4S seems to have been quieted by Steve Jobs’ death. But for the sake of closure, I’ll be clear: There never should have been any shock around the iPhone 4S to begin with. Apple … Continue reading →

Apple just set itself up for a huge product year in 2012

Oct. 4, ‘11: Apple’s product launches this year have been mostly evolutionary. That sets the stage for a potentially huge 2012. Consider what Apple released in 2010: The first iPad, the amazing iPhone 4 with “retina” display, the tiny new Apple TV, the … Continue reading →

A look at the Mac App Store, two months after Lion launched

Sep. 20, ‘11: In mid-July, a week before Apple launched OS X Lion, I took a look at the Mac App Store. Now, two months after Lion went on sale, let’s see what’s changed. In that span, the number of apps in the … Continue reading →

Where’s iBooks for Mac?

Jul. 26, ‘11: Apple’s OS X Lion launch has come and gone, and there’s still no iBooks e-reader app for the Mac. Today, the only mainstream way to read an e-book on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac is to use Amazon’s Kindle app. And … Continue reading →

Apple sells 1 million copies of OS X Lion on first day

Jul. 21, ‘11: Pretty good. Apple didn’t do a similar press release with Snow Leopard, but notes today that “users are buying Lion faster than any other OS release in Apple’s history.” Given how easy it is to buy it, that’s not surprising. … Continue reading →

Apple updates the MacBook Air and Mac mini, dumps the plastic MacBook

Jul. 20, ‘11: Faster chips, Thunderbolt support, and a backlit keyboard on the MacBook Air. No more optical drive on the Mac mini, just like the Air. And a new 27-inch Thunderbolt display to go along with them.