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OS X Lion is now available on the Mac App Store

Jul. 20, ‘11: It’s here. Support SplatF by purchasing through this link. And make sure you have a good backup before you install. (I’m personally curious how many of my old apps it’s going to break.)

Adobe launches first Mac App Store app: Photoshop Elements

Jul. 19, ‘11: Adobe, historically one of the most important Mac software developers, is no longer a Mac App Store holdout. As Macworld reports, Adobe’s¬†Photoshop Elements is now available from the Mac App Store for $80, which is the same price it’s selling … Continue reading →

Just like that, the iPad is already bigger than the Mac

Jul. 19, ‘11: It’s only been a year and a few months since Apple’s iPad launched, but as of last quarter, it has already passed Apple’s 27-year-old Mac business in revenue. During the June quarter, Apple sold 9.2 million iPads for $6 billion … Continue reading →

Apple earnings are in, and they’re huge

Jul. 19, ‘11: $28.6 billion of revenue and $7.3 billion of profit, way ahead of expectations. 20.34 million iPhones, way ahead of expectations 9.25 million iPads, way ahead of expectations 3.95 million Macs, below expectations Guidance is typically conservative.

A look at the Mac App Store before Lion launches

Jul. 13, ‘11: Apple’s new OS X Lion is expected to launch soon — possibly tomorrow — and it will officially usher in the era of the Mac App Store. So before Lion arrives, I’ve taken a quick walk through the store and … Continue reading →

What Does SplatF Mean?

Jul. 2, ‘11: F is the easy part: That’s for Frommer, my last name. Splat refers to the key on a Mac keyboard that’s officially called the Command key. Some old-school Mac nerds — my father included — call it the “splat” key, … Continue reading →