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Dear Hollywood, This Is The Problem

Jan. 10, ‘14: WTF is this? I can’t remember a time when there were more movies in theaters that I actually wanted to see — you’ve still got it. But this consumer tech stuff… still way too unfriendly.

AOL’s Patch Is Quietly One Of The Biggest Digital Media Bombs

Nov. 12, ‘13: When listing high-profile media failures — Portƒolio, The Daily, Mobile ESPN, Joost — don’t forget about Patch, AOL’s unsuccessful attempt to reproduce the magic of the local newspaper. Having only read a Patch a few times, it’s easy to neglect. But … Continue reading →

“BuzzFeed is an opinionated publication with a point of view, and their opinion is cats are funny.”

Apr. 8, ‘13: — One of three “cat” mentions in NYMag’s BuzzFeed profile.

Tesla vs. The New York Times: Everyone’s A Media Company Now

Feb. 14, ‘13: This post was first published at LinkedIn. Please follow me there for more commentary. Tesla CEO Elon Musk shreds* the New York Times review of his Model S, using data to argue the writer is telling the wrong story. I won’t pretend … Continue reading →

The One Lesson From The Thousand ‘Lessons Why The Daily Failed’ Articles

Dec. 4, ‘12: People care about this stuff. A lot. Enough to write articles about it. Like, a shitload of them. The Daily didn’t work as a tablet publication, obviously, because of a mix of problems — it cost too much to produce, … Continue reading →

Twitter Stands Alone

Nov. 7, ‘12: In case you missed it, the United States elected a president yesterday. I try to stay away from politics — it’s only fun in Chicago, anyway — but last night, I anxiously tuned in. Election night television, it seems, hasn’t … Continue reading →

‘The Magazine’ by Marco Arment, ‘For geeks like us’

Oct. 11, ‘12: Basically: (Instapaper app guts + Articles by well-liked tech-types) x App Store Newsstand subscription. Smart experiment. Related: It’s A Great Time For Magazines

It’s A Great Time For Magazines

Aug. 16, ‘12: It is, for the most part, a challenging time to be a “magazine company”. Circulation at newsstands is down 10% this year, for instance. Time Inc.’s operating income decreased 43% year-over-year during the June quarter, on 9% lower sales. But … Continue reading →

Here’s what I’m actually looking forward to in tech this year

Jan. 6, ‘12: “Predictions” season is over — thank goodness. But the folks at SAY Media — my advertising partner for SplatF, and my new employers via ReadWriteWeb — asked me to write a piece for their weekly newsletter about some of the … Continue reading →