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Adventures in self-publishing: Rejected from Google News!

Oct. 18, ‘11: Google, the search company that started as two guys at Stanford, openly discriminates against entrepreneurs. At least for its Google News product. Not only is that silly and short-sighted, but it should go against everything Google stands for. Yesterday, I … Continue reading →

Wirecutter, a new tech site from Brian Lam

Oct. 3, ‘11: I love the idea: A site about the best gadgets, and not about the crappy ones, which is actually what the big gadget sites end up writing about the most. And I love Brian’s writing and thinking, so this is … Continue reading →

The future of news

Aug. 10, ‘11: My latest special report for Business Insider just went live. Inside: A post arguing why, despite all the whining, the future of news is going to be awesome Short essays by media moguls like Glenn Beck and Mark Cuban about … Continue reading →