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What If Microsoft Had Bought BlackBerry In 2009 Instead?

Sep. 3, ‘13: If Steve Ballmer had taken my advice four years ago, would he be better off today? The big tech story this week — until another iPhone part leaks, that is — will be Microsoft’s $7+ billion acquisition of Nokia’s smartphone … Continue reading →

The App Store Era’s Biggest Winners And Losers

Jul. 9, ‘13: Five years in, here’s who has done the best and who’s lost the most. Winners Apple. Obviously. Apple’s iPhone App Store wasn’t the first way to load apps on your smartphone, but it was the best and quickly became the … Continue reading →

Microsoft’s Mobile Comeback Isn’t Happening

Apr. 5, ‘13: We’re only talking about the world’s biggest software company and the future of computers. So far, it’s still basically irrelevant. To Microsoft’s credit, Windows 8 and Windows Phone seem like solid products. There are some Windows features I’d like to … Continue reading →

“Dropbox acquires Microsoft for patents.”

Mar. 15, ‘13: — Future SplatF headline. Mailbox today, OS tomorrow?

5 Questions About Facebook’s New ‘Graph Search’

Jan. 15, ‘13: What happens to Bing? Facebook and Microsoft are supposed to be partners, and Facebook will continue to display some Bing results. But will Bing integrate the new Graph Search on its own site? Or is this the beginning of Facebook taking … Continue reading →

Dan Lyons: ‘Google’s FTC Settlement Is An Epic Fail For Microsoft’

Jan. 4, ‘13: Pretty much the only Google/FTC article you need to read. Microsoft — its momentum stunted by the U.S. government — has put a lot of effort into getting Google in trouble, too. That hasn’t really happened, and Microsoft now has … Continue reading →

Apple And Samsung Have Nothing To Worry About After Today’s Nokia And Motorola Events

Sep. 5, ‘12: Nokia’s new Lumia 920 and 820 look nice, as the previous ones did, but that’s not enough. Nokia and Microsoft need to give consumers and/or operators some really compelling reasons to gamble with Windows phones, and they still haven’t. I’ve … Continue reading →

Microsoft Finally Has A Tablet Business Model With Surface

Jun. 18, ‘12: Microsoft just unveiled its new tablet, Surface. It actually looks pretty nice, though I obviously have no idea if it works well or is worth buying. You can find the details, as they become available, on Techmeme. But the shift … Continue reading →

HTC: Smoked by Windows

Jun. 6, ‘12: Bloomberg reports more bad news for HTC: HTC Corp. (2498) is being shut out of the introduction of Microsoft (MSFT) Corp.’s next Windows software, people with knowledge of the matter said, cutting off another source of revenue after HTC reduced its second-quarter sales … Continue reading →