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Microsoft Isn’t Just Losing Smartphone Market Share: Its Mobile User Base Is Actually Shrinking

Apr. 24, ‘12: Few technology markets have exploded over the past few years like the smartphone industry. This has made a fortune for Apple, where the iPhone business should pass $100 billion in sales this year. And it has been great for Google, … Continue reading →

HBO Go For Xbox A No-Go For Comcast, Time Warner Cable Customers

Mar. 27, ‘12: HBO Go — plus MLB.TV and Comcast’s Xfinity app — launched today for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, adding more entertainment utility to tens of millions of Xboxes. As Microsoft tries to expand the Xbox beyond gaming — an important showdown on the horizon … Continue reading →

iPad + Office + Apple + Microsoft: Why It All Makes Sense

Feb. 23, ‘12: In case you missed the craziness this week, Microsoft appears to be making some Office apps for the iPad. Or maybe it’s not. Or whatever. MG Siegler has a good wrapup of the nonsense here. Office for the iPad makes … Continue reading →

The ‘Eggs In One Basket’ Index

Feb. 3, ‘12: Earlier, I noted how Facebook’s advertising business generated 85% of its revenue last year, down from 95% in 2010, as its payments business is helping it diversify away from ads. Then I saw this post by Ed Bott, comparing Microsoft, … Continue reading →

Why Microsoft will inevitably try to buy Nokia or RIM

Feb. 3, ‘12: MG Siegler points out that Apple’s iPhone business is bigger than all of Microsoft. Once you get over the historical weirdness of that, it makes sense: Would you rather pocket hundreds of dollars per phone sold? Or ~$15 in license … Continue reading →

Why does the next Xbox need discs at all?

Jan. 26, ‘12: If this is the App Store era, why add Blu-ray to the next Xbox? If true, my guesses are: Bandwidth, storage, and movies, in that order.

Microsoft: Over 525 million Windows 7 licenses since launch

Jan. 20, ‘12: That is, admittedly, a very big number. Since then — October, 2009 — Apple has likely sold about 35 million Macs, possibly 250 million iOS devices, and Google has seen almost 250 million Android activations. (We’ll find out how Apple … Continue reading →

Microsoft blames the iPad — er, “competing form factors” — for weak PC market

Jan. 20, ‘12: Microsoft’s investor relations general manager Bill Koefoed, speaking on yesterday’s earnings call, via Seeking Alpha: Turning to the PC market, as I mentioned last week, it was a challenging quarter for the industry. Factors such as the flooding in Thailand, macroeconomic … Continue reading →

Tech’s doomsday plots: How Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Facebook could stumble

Jan. 12, ‘12: At ReadWriteWeb, I lay out the biggest risks for tech’s most important companies. Not necessarily the ones that get the most attention, but the ones that actually matter. (Although, coincidentally, Google’s potentially monopolistic activities have been getting a lot of … Continue reading →

Microsoft hits pause on web TV service because shows cost too much

Jan. 11, ‘12: Yinka Adegoke, reporting for Reuters: “They built Microsoft TV, they demoed it for us, they asked for rate cards but then said ‘ooh ah, that’s expensive,’” said one senior media executive who had been involved in the talks. That’s one … Continue reading →