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Here’s what I’m actually looking forward to in tech this year

Jan. 6, ‘12: “Predictions” season is over — thank goodness. But the folks at SAY Media — my advertising partner for SplatF, and my new employers via ReadWriteWeb — asked me to write a piece for their weekly newsletter about some of the … Continue reading →

The big problem with buying RIM is that there isn’t only one big problem

Dec. 21, ‘11: As RIM’s sales sputter and its market value falls, potential buyers are starting to sniff around. Reuters reports that Amazon took a look this past summer. The WSJ reports that Microsoft and Nokia have considered a joint bid for RIM. … Continue reading →

Thanks to this week’s sponsor, Microsoft

Dec. 13, ‘11: Microsoft’s latest push, you may have seen, is to make the Xbox 360 more useful as a video streaming device, not just as a game console. Today, they just rolled out another bunch of video apps, including YouTube and a … Continue reading →

[Sponsor] The future of TV begins now on Xbox 360

Dec. 7, ‘11: Today, Microsoft has taken a major step forward with the release of a free Xbox 360 system update that will change how you search for, discover and enjoy content on the TV, including the first group of new, custom applications … Continue reading →

Nokia’s first Windows phone looks good: Now for the hard part

Oct. 26, ‘11: It’s called the Lumia 800 — wasn’t that an early-90s minivan? — and it looks good, as far as these things go. Now Nokia and Microsoft need to figure out how to sell it to people who already have plenty … Continue reading →

The most amazing thing about Apple is how fast it’s still growing

Oct. 13, ‘11: There are many impressive facets to Apple’s business: Its sheer size, its growth over the past decade, its international growth, its profitability, and how much of it comes from the iOS platform, which only came into existence four years ago. … Continue reading →

Facebook’s revamped OS-in-the-cloud is bad news for Microsoft and good news for Apple

Sep. 22, ‘11: I’m not going to trouble you with a long list of Facebook’s announcements at its f8 conference today: Techmeme is your best bet for that. But in general, the trend seems to be toward making Facebook the connective tissue between … Continue reading →

Microsoft needs a new business model for Windows 8 tablets

Sep. 21, ‘11: Microsoft’s Windows division is still a monster: Over the past year, it has generated $12 billion of operating income on $19 billion of revenue. A big part of that is because of Microsoft’s continued dominance of the PC operating system … Continue reading →

The exciting new Microsoft: Finally, not just ripping off Apple

Sep. 16, ‘11: As an early Mac user, it was amusing and frustrating to watch Microsoft copy so much of Apple’s look — and often so poorly — yet have so much more financial success with it. Apple usually kept a good spirit … Continue reading →

Will Android ever beat Google’s search market share?

Sep. 14, ‘11: I posted yesterday about how Google’s search share seems “stuck” at 65%. At first blush, 65% seems low, considering that the word “Google” is synonymous with search. But search is fragmented, and rival portals with huge audiences or big budgets … Continue reading →