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The Juicebox: A secure, public phone charging station that doesn’t look like crap

Jan. 25, ‘12: From its FAQ: How does it fit with my venue’s decor? We’re former bartenders from some of Manhattan’s most upscale bars and restaurants, so we designed the Juicebox to be elegant and compact. At just over 2 1/2 feet tall … Continue reading →

RIM can’t save itself

Jan. 23, ‘12: New Research In Motion CEO Thorsten Heins — previously a co-COO at the BlackBerry maker, in charge of product and sales — is too little, too late. Unless Heins is secretly a rare, freakish visionary genius whose creativity has been stifled … Continue reading →

The iPhone’s comeback and the power of carrier distribution

Jan. 18, ‘12: Survey data from Nielsen suggests that Apple’s iPhone almost closed the gap with Google Android in December, as far as new smartphone purchases go. Assuming it’s accurate, this says as much about the value of carrier distribution as it says about … Continue reading →

HuffPost CTO Paul Berry on hybrid HTML5-native mobile apps

Jan. 13, ‘12: From my Q&A with Berry — who’s leaving AOL to work on some new ventures — at ReadWriteWeb: Personally, I think people are making a lot of mistakes in developing everything as native apps completely, when you can have a … Continue reading →

5 years ahead

Jan. 9, ‘12: Five years ago today, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone for the first time, completely changing the mobile industry. (If you haven’t watched his keynote lately, you should. It is his best performance ever, I think.) That means today … Continue reading →

Here’s what I’m actually looking forward to in tech this year

Jan. 6, ‘12: “Predictions” season is over — thank goodness. But the folks at SAY Media — my advertising partner for SplatF, and my new employers via ReadWriteWeb — asked me to write a piece for their weekly newsletter about some of the … Continue reading →

The big problem with buying RIM is that there isn’t only one big problem

Dec. 21, ‘11: As RIM’s sales sputter and its market value falls, potential buyers are starting to sniff around. Reuters reports that Amazon took a look this past summer. The WSJ reports that Microsoft and Nokia have considered a joint bid for RIM. … Continue reading →

RIM’s rise and decline: A 10-year view

Dec. 20, ‘11: BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is a classic example of a company that had one great idea, grew huge because of it, but couldn’t save itself as the industry moved on. And now for the first time ever, RIM’s sales … Continue reading →

AT&T-Mobile deal is dead: Now what?

Dec. 19, ‘11: AT&T’s $39 billion bid for T-Mobile is finished: Thanks to the U.S. government’s efforts to block the deal, AT&T is pulling out. So, now what? AT&T will have to pay T-Mobile a $3 billion breakup fee, plus a large amount … Continue reading →

While AT&T fights for T-Mobile, Verizon teams up with the cable industry

Dec. 2, ‘11: A huge new alliance in wireless and telecom just happened — this time, without the messiness of a merger: Verizon is getting in bed with the cable industry. (Here’s the official announcement. And here’s Peter Kafka’s smart take: Comcast and Verizon merge … Continue reading →