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The End Of Android

Mar. 20, ‘13: Irresponsible speculation about Google’s management change. Why is Andy Rubin no longer running the mobile platform he created? Who knows. Probably only a few people know the real reason. Maybe Andy doesn’t even know. This sort of stuff is complicated. … Continue reading →

Why Does Apple Announce iPhone Pricing And Availability But Other Phone Makers Don’t?

Sep. 13, ‘12: One of the nice things Apple does when announcing a new product — which its competitors only sometimes do, especially in the phone industry — is tell you how much it will cost and when it will go on sale. … Continue reading →

Apple And Samsung Have Nothing To Worry About After Today’s Nokia And Motorola Events

Sep. 5, ‘12: Nokia’s new Lumia 920 and 820 look nice, as the previous ones did, but that’s not enough. Nokia and Microsoft need to give consumers and/or operators some really compelling reasons to gamble with Windows phones, and they still haven’t. I’ve … Continue reading →

Google is moving 3,000 Motorola employees to downtown Chicago from the suburbs

Jul. 26, ‘12: Smart move to attract younger engineering talent — the Northwest suburbs, where Motorola is now, are awful — and good news for Chicago’s ever-growing tech scene.

Businessweek: Inside Google’s Motorola

May. 23, ‘12: Good article by Brad Stone and Peter Burrows. Did you know: Apple tried to hire Dennis Woodside, the Google vet now running Motorola, to become its head of sales. So much for that Apple-Google no-poaching agreement. Google hired a former … Continue reading →

Motorola Will Be Google’s Most Interesting Project Yet

May. 22, ‘12: Google’s $12+ billion Motorola deal is closed, and Google veteran Dennis Woodside is taking over as Motorola CEO. Now the fun begins. For a variety of reasons, this has the potential to be Google’s most interesting project yet. This is … Continue reading →

Why Google is bending to Verizon over Google Wallet

Dec. 8, ‘11: Google has complied, so far, with Verizon Wireless’s request to withhold the Google Wallet mobile payments service from the new Galaxy Nexus phone. Why? Because Verizon is a very important partner for Google: Its biggest Android customer in the country and … Continue reading →

How Frank Quattrone and Motorola milked Google for $12.5 billion

Sep. 13, ‘11: Motorola Mobility’s proxy for its acquisition by Google is out, including a fascinating step-by-step account of the deal process, starting with communication between Google Android boss Andy Rubin and Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha to discuss the Nortel patent auction. Particularly … Continue reading →

SplatF Employee of the Month: Sanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola Mobility

Aug. 31, ‘11: The last day of every month, we honor an industry leader with the prestigious SplatF Employee of the Month award. This month it’s Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha. He wisely took advantage of the smartphone patent bubble and twisted Google’s … Continue reading →

Holy cow, what a week!

Aug. 19, ‘11: Thanks to Google’s acquisition of Motorola and HP’s decision to get out of the PC and mobile industries, a lot has changed this week: Apple’s dominance of the tablet industry is even more secure. HP is out, and even if … Continue reading →