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Google plus Motorola: Will it blend?

Aug. 17, ‘11: The WSJ’s Shayndi Raice has a good story today about how Google could have some real challenges integrating Motorola, which has about 20,000 employees and a very different culture than Google. Choice bit: One former Android executive boasted that Google … Continue reading →

Henry Blodget: Google-Motorola will be a “colossal disaster”

Aug. 16, ‘11: Henry Blodget, writing for Business Insider: If all Larry really wants in the Motorola deal is that bag of patents and plans to spin off Motorola’s operating business immediately, fine. Even this will be tough to execute–getting approvals for the … Continue reading →

Of course Google’s Android partners will keep using Android — they don’t have a choice

Aug. 16, ‘11: Now that Google is buying Motorola, there’s an idea out there that many of Google’s Android partners, like Samsung, HTC, and LG, will start moving away from Android and building more of their phones on rival operating systems. But that’s … Continue reading →

How Motorola got Google to pay up: “By the balls”

Aug. 16, ‘11: Smart post by John Gruber: I think Motorola knew they had Google by the balls. Google needed Motorola’s patent library to defend Android as a whole, Motorola knew it, and they made Google pay and pay handsomely. I don’t think … Continue reading →

What is Google buying, anyway? Here’s a breakdown of Motorola Mobility

Aug. 15, ‘11: Motorola Mobility, which Google is buying for $12.5 billion, isn’t just a cellphone manufacturer. And it isn’t just a pile of patents. So what is it? On Jan. 4, Motorola Mobility spun off from Motorola (now known as “Motorola Solutions”). It … Continue reading →

A taste of Motorola marketing, pre-Google

Aug. 15, ‘11: In addition to its acquisition by Google, Motorola also announced a new Android phone today, the “DEFY™+”. Its press materials include these lifestyle photos. (Apparently, it’s a party phone. But is it really safe to be dropped or brought into … Continue reading →

10 questions about Google’s Motorola deal

Aug. 15, ‘11: Can it actually work? This is Google’s biggest deal ever, by far, and it’s adding 19,000 employees to the mix. Google is expanding way beyond its core business into areas where Larry Page has no experience — and he could … Continue reading →

Hey, cable companies: Now is the time to embrace Google TV and the new Motorola

Aug. 15, ‘11: Despite a multi-decade monopoly on delivering digital TV into homes, American cable companies continue to distribute laughably terrible software. As a result, interacting with your TV is often a chore. Enough already! Great TV service in the future demands great … Continue reading →

Google-Motorola: Winners and losers

Aug. 15, ‘11: Google’s move to acquire Motorola for $12.5 billion will shift some of the power and balance in the mobile industry. Here are some of the initial winners and losers: Winners Motorola and Sanjay Jha: Let’s be honest — the comeback wasn’t … Continue reading →

Google quotes Android partners on its Motorola deal: “Defending” Android is the theme

Aug. 15, ‘11: On the conference call for Google’s big Motorola acquisition, Android boss Andy Rubin says he spoke yesterday with the five biggest Android licensees, and that they were very supportive of the Motorola deal. This is probably because they expect Google … Continue reading →