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Dear Hollywood, This Is The Problem

Jan. 10, ‘14: WTF is this? I can’t remember a time when there were more movies in theaters that I actually wanted to see — you’ve still got it. But this consumer tech stuff… still way too unfriendly.

‘Sneakers’ turns 20

Sep. 10, ‘12: Solid re-review from Slate of one of my all-time favorite movies. Going to have to re-watch this one soon. (via Robin Sloan.) Also: Here’s Roger Ebert’s original review from 1992. He says, “It’s a sometimes entertaining movie, but thin.” Curious how … Continue reading →

‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ on iTunes

Jul. 27, ‘12: Fantastic documentary about a Tokyo sushi legend, now available for rent or purchase on iTunes. Jiro epitomizes Japan’s “do one thing and do it well” way of living, and I think Apple fans in particular will appreciate the film. I saw … Continue reading →

Why Netflix is prioritizing exclusive and original video content

Feb. 21, ‘12: The streaming-movies-and-TV-episodes market is quickly becoming a commodity: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, Comcast’s new “Xfinity Streampix,” etc. Soon, everyone will be able to stream you every episode of “The Office” ever aired. In that reality, Netflix’s opportunities to stand out … Continue reading →

10 Starz Movies To Stream On Netflix Before They Go Away

Feb. 16, ‘12: Time is ticking! Starz movies will vanish at the end of February. Toy Story 3: I actually haven’t seen this yet, but how could you go wrong with a Pixar movie? The Pixar Story: Speaking of Pixar, a great little … Continue reading →

How Hollywood is inadvertently helping Netflix kill the DVD

Jan. 30, ‘12: In this case, it’s worth it for Netflix to play along with ridiculous rules like “no new Warner Bros. releases in your queue for 28 days.” As I explain at ReadWriteWeb: …Because Netflix actually has the same goal that the studios do: … Continue reading →

Why does the next Xbox need discs at all?

Jan. 26, ‘12: If this is the App Store era, why add Blu-ray to the next Xbox? If true, my guesses are: Bandwidth, storage, and movies, in that order.

SplatF Employee of the Month: Kermit the Frog

Nov. 30, ‘11: At the end of every month, SplatF honors an industry leader with the prestigious Employee of the Month award. This month it’s Kermit the Frog, star of Disney’s fantastic “The Muppets” movie. In an otherwise dull month for tech and media news, Kermit led … Continue reading →

Reality check: DVD and Blu-ray are still clobbering iTunes and Netflix

Oct. 31, ‘11: While we breathlessly debate Apple’s potential to reshape the TV landscape or Netflix’s communication gaffes, it’s a little jarring to be reminded that digital is still barely one-fifth of the U.S. home entertainment market, while physical media still represents the vast … Continue reading →

Netflix’s plan to kill the DVD is working

Oct. 24, ‘11: Things are unquestionably messy for Netflix right now. It is losing subscribers. It is still in clean-up mode after a PR disaster. Its stock price is getting hammered. Is is making an expensive bet to grow overseas. But despite all … Continue reading →