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Starz dumps Netflix… maybe

Sep. 1, ‘11: Starz just put out a statement saying that it “has ended contract renewal negotiations” with Netflix and will stop distributing its content — TV shows and movies — on the service at the end of February, 2012. Netflix shares are down … Continue reading →

American Airlines launches in-flight streaming TV and movie rentals

Aug. 3, ‘11: It’s rolling out first on AA’s 767-200 planes, which it flies on the key JFK-SFO and JFK-LAX routes. Movies will cost $4 and TV episodes will cost $1 each; you don’t have to buy wi-fi access to stream them. But … Continue reading →

How Netflix and Hulu subscribers watch videos

Jul. 27, ‘11: New survey results from Nielsen, via All Things D’s Peter Kafka. A few reactions: The fact that more than 10% of Netflix subscribers report watching on every major game console and even on connected Blu-ray players is great evidence of how … Continue reading →

Netflix already proves that raising DVD prices was the right move

Jul. 26, ‘11: Wall Street is punishing Netflix today for its earnings report yesterday, in which Netflix admitted that its insane growth rate would slow down a little after it changed its subscription plans and effectively raised prices on DVD rentals. But anyone … Continue reading →

Netflix: DVD shipments have likely peaked

Jul. 25, ‘11: Netflix just posted its Q2 earnings materials. Peter Kafka is breaking the numbers down at All Things D. Of note: Netflix says in its bulletin to investors (PDF) that its DVD shipments have likely peaked. And so far, since announcing … Continue reading →

The Netflix price hike is designed to kill the DVD the same way Apple’s iMac killed the floppy

Jul. 18, ‘11: Good interview: CNET’s Greg Sandoval talks to Big Champagne CEO Eric Garland about the motivation behind Netflix’s subscription pricing changes. As you know there are a lot of us still watching DVDs and specifically those first-run titles on our relatively big-screen … Continue reading →

3D movies have “collapsed in the United States”

Jul. 18, ‘11: Even for Harry Potter, American moviegoers continue to choose 2D over 3D. BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield has the stats (registration required): 3D has collapsed in the United States.  This past weekend, only 43% of domestic box office for Harry Potter … Continue reading →

Netflix splits streaming and DVD subscriptions

Jul. 12, ‘11: If you only want to stream, it’s still $8 per month. If you only want to rent DVDs, it’s now a separate service, starting at $8 per month. And if you want both, it’s now at least $16 per month. … Continue reading →