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5 New Tools I Love

Oct. 24, ‘13: It’s been a slow gadget year for me. For the first time in ages, I’ll end up spending less than $1,000 on Apple gear in 2013. Probably a retina iPad mini, and that’s it. Everything else still works great. But … Continue reading →

Today’s Entry Into The Forgotten Tech Gadget Hall Of Shame: The Slacker Radio

Feb. 13, ‘13: In the era of the fast-fail startup, it’s kind of impressive that Slacker Radio even still exists. Especially considering the always-lousy business of streaming music. Especially considering that its name is “Slacker”. But sure enough, Slacker is still alive, launching yet … Continue reading →

iTunes Match is ‘magic money that Apple made exist out of thin air for copyright holders’

Feb. 8, ‘12: TuneCore CEO Jeff Price: The first royalty payments from iMatch are in, and they got me excited – the total amount is over $10,000 for the first two months.

Creators: Franz Nicolay

Nov. 23, ‘11: Franz Nicolay is a Brooklyn-based singer, musician, and composer, and former keyboardist for The Hold Steady. (He — and they — are among my all-time favorites.) His latest album, “Luck and Courage”, is available on iTunes and at Amazon. Follow … Continue reading →

How 125 days with Spotify changed my music habits

Nov. 18, ‘11: Now that I work from home and don’t commute as frequently, I have been listening to more music on my main computer. Not a lot, but for at least 5-15 hours per week. For the past few months — about … Continue reading →

AT&T testing new “Echo” social music service

Oct. 18, ‘11: Interesting. Just got this email from AT&T, my wireless carrier, offering a peek at a new social music service called Echo. Here’s a website with a little more info. (As part of the service, you will also get a pre-paid, 12-month … Continue reading →

Turntable.fm iPhone app hits the App Store

Sep. 13, ‘11: You can grab it from iTunes here. It looks like… what you’d expect. And it works, though making a new room and playing a song in it took a few tries, and then the song stopped playing — seems there … Continue reading →

Apple’s new iTunes streaming isn’t actually streaming

Aug. 30, ‘11: Peter Kafka reports that Apple’s forthcoming iTunes Match streaming option isn’t technically a stream — it’s actually a progressive download, which lets you listen while it’s downloading. Why? Not because of licensing issues — Apple has streaming rights — but because … Continue reading →

Apple finally solves the “listening to all my music at the office or wherever” problem

Aug. 30, ‘11: Apple’s forthcoming iTunes Match service isn’t just for downloading and syncing music on multiple computers, it’s also a streaming service. As Arnold Kim explains at MacRumors, this means you’ll be able to instantly listen to all of your music from … Continue reading →