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Meanwhile, RIM is trying to build a music service…

Aug. 18, ‘11: CNET’s Greg Sandoval and Roger Cheng: At a time when Research in Motion needs to sex itself up, the Canadian smartphone maker is in talks with the four largest record companies about launching a new music service to run on … Continue reading →

Sirius XM’s impressive comeback

Aug. 2, ‘11: Remember when Sirius XM looked like a walking zombie? Just a couple of years ago, it was losing customers and burning cash. But thanks to a popular product, a rejuvenated Detroit, and a slower-than-expected assault from in-car¬†mobile phone streaming, Sirius … Continue reading →

Spotify finally launches in the U.S.

Jul. 14, ‘11: Now we’ll see if it can get people excited about subscription music services, something most people haven’t shown any interest in. (Rhapsody, the biggest, only has 800,000 paid subscribers. Netflix, meanwhile, has more than 23 million paid video subscribers.) One … Continue reading →