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AOL vs. Netflix: The Entire Internet In One Simple Chart

May. 8, ‘13: Dialup out, broadband in. It doesn’t get more clear than this. At the end of March, almost 2.7 million people still subscribed to AOL service, the company reported this morning. That’s about where Netflix stood at the end of 2004. … Continue reading →

Thinking About A Post-‘House Of Cards’ Netflix World

Feb. 25, ‘13: Netflix’s new “House of Cards” series — almost halfway in — is worth watching, and could prove to be an important — or at least memorable — point in television history. It’s better than it needs to be. It’s certainly … Continue reading →

Smell Test! Are 23% Of Netflix Subscribers Really Cord Cutters?

Feb. 19, ‘13: Peter Kafka tweets: “10% of Netflix’ 33mm subs have watched 6 eps of house of cards, and 23% are cord cutters? Both seem too high” This is based on a TechCrunch article by Ryan Lawler, citing a survey by Cowen … Continue reading →

AOL Dialup Dashboard: Hanging In There With 2.8 Million Subscribers

Feb. 8, ‘13: AOL reported its fourth quarter 2012 results today, posting its first growth in 8 years (!). Below, an updated version of my decade-of-AOL-dialup chart, a new look at how AOL (sorta) makes money, and one of my favorites, the AOL … Continue reading →

Amazon ‘made an offer’ for Roku earlier this year

Sep. 6, ‘12: So says Peter Kafka, who supposes that Amazon might show off an Apple TV/Roku-like living-room box of its own at Thursday’s press event in Santa Monica. That makes some sense to me, too, even if it’s a less-ambitious start, such … Continue reading →

Netflix’s new ‘Open Connect Network’

Jun. 6, ‘12: Inside baseball, but interesting: Netflix is launching its own content delivery network (“CDN”) and is letting Internet service providers run the software within their networks. Actually, any “high-volume provider of large media files” can use it for themselves, too. Here’s a … Continue reading →

Comcast is switching to usage-based Internet pricing

May. 17, ‘12: Shalini Ramachandran, writing for WSJ.com: The cable operator plans to experiment with a couple of different ways to manage data use. Under one scenario, it will impose a data cap of 300 gigabytes and charge for additional use, likely $10 … Continue reading →

Netflix explains why it’s good for TV networks (PDF)

Apr. 23, ‘12: From Netflix’s quarterly letter to shareholders PDF: In the past, we have said that our licensing of complete back seasons of on-air TV series is not only a great experience for Netflix members, but can help build the audience for … Continue reading →

Why Netflix is prioritizing exclusive and original video content

Feb. 21, ‘12: The streaming-movies-and-TV-episodes market is quickly becoming a commodity: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, Comcast’s new “Xfinity Streampix,” etc. Soon, everyone will be able to stream you every episode of “The Office” ever aired. In that reality, Netflix’s opportunities to stand out … Continue reading →

10 Starz Movies To Stream On Netflix Before They Go Away

Feb. 16, ‘12: Time is ticking! Starz movies will vanish at the end of February. Toy Story 3: I actually haven’t seen this yet, but how could you go wrong with a Pixar movie? The Pixar Story: Speaking of Pixar, a great little … Continue reading →