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Netflix outbids HBO for DreamWorks deal

Sep. 26, ‘11: Netflix’s biggest real problem right now is that its streaming library isn’t as good as it needs to be, especially if it’s expecting to wean its customers off DVDs. The latest upgrade: Starting in 2013, Netflix will have access to … Continue reading →

Why Dish Network’s new Blockbuster streaming package is no threat to Netflix

Sep. 24, ‘11: One big reason: Because it’s only for Dish Network subscribers. And based on this chart, that’s not something Netflix should be worrying about — most people aren’t Dish subscribers, and Netflix is growing much faster. (Also, who has any warm … Continue reading →

Netflix is now open to considering selling video-on-demand

Sep. 21, ‘11: Netflix, you’ve likely heard, is splitting off its DVD subscription service, which has a good selection of newer releases, from its streaming subscription service, which doesn’t. One option for Netflix to add more newer releases to its streaming library — and … Continue reading →

Netflix adds more streaming content from Discovery, TLC, and Animal Planet

Sep. 21, ‘11: A 2-year, non-exclusive deal. Not a huge addition, but worth noting, particularly as Netflix looks to expand its streaming TV show library. Related: 10 things to remember about Netflix while scratching your head about Qwikster

Here’s where Netflix screwed up this whole Qwikster thing

Sep. 20, ‘11: Netflix communicated change poorly, again. And it made customers feel like they weren't Netflix's priority, which is unusual.

10 things to remember about Netflix while scratching your head about Qwikster

Sep. 19, ‘11: Most important: Netflix DVD shipments "have likely peaked" and the company's DVD subscriber base is declining.

Netflix wants to get rid of its DVD business so badly that it’s changing the name… to Qwikster

Sep. 19, ‘11: Netflix's latest move to get its customers to forget DVDs is to rename its DVD service: Starting in a few weeks, it will be called Qwikster, and will also include a videogame rental option.

Netflix investors overreact to new forecast: The streaming numbers are what matters

Sep. 15, ‘11: Netflix investors are selling off this morning — the stock is down 15% — after the company issued new subscriber guidance for Q3 (PDF), reflecting the reaction to its price increases, announced in July and effective for existing subscribers on Sept. … Continue reading →

Netflix: More subscribers than any cable company, growing the fastest, but still not Starz’ best friend

Sep. 2, ‘11: One of the reasons that Netflix and Starz couldn’t reach an agreement over extending their relationship is because Starz reportedly wanted Netflix to charge its subscribers more to access Starz content — via a premium tier — the way Starz’ … Continue reading →

Starz dumps Netflix… maybe

Sep. 1, ‘11: Starz just put out a statement saying that it “has ended contract renewal negotiations” with Netflix and will stop distributing its content — TV shows and movies — on the service at the end of February, 2012. Netflix shares are down … Continue reading →