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What If Microsoft Had Bought BlackBerry In 2009 Instead?

Sep. 3, ‘13: If Steve Ballmer had taken my advice four years ago, would he be better off today? The big tech story this week — until another iPhone part leaks, that is — will be Microsoft’s $7+ billion acquisition of Nokia’s smartphone … Continue reading →

Why Does Apple Announce iPhone Pricing And Availability But Other Phone Makers Don’t?

Sep. 13, ‘12: One of the nice things Apple does when announcing a new product — which its competitors only sometimes do, especially in the phone industry — is tell you how much it will cost and when it will go on sale. … Continue reading →

Apple And Samsung Have Nothing To Worry About After Today’s Nokia And Motorola Events

Sep. 5, ‘12: Nokia’s new Lumia 920 and 820 look nice, as the previous ones did, but that’s not enough. Nokia and Microsoft need to give consumers and/or operators some really compelling reasons to gamble with Windows phones, and they still haven’t. I’ve … Continue reading →

Meet Nokia’s Jony Ive

Sep. 5, ‘12: Neat profile of Nokia design guy Marko Ahtisaari by Steven Levy for Wired. “Finland is a manic-depressive nation both by weather, and by its relationship to Nokia,” says Ahtisaari.  “The noise level is high, but my work is to lead the … Continue reading →

820 & 920

Sep. 5, ‘12: Nokia’s new Windows 8 phones, announced this morning in NYC, look good. Whether they’ll be enough to save the company is another story. But meanwhile, is there a less inspiring naming scheme than adding “20” to last generation’s Lumia 800 … Continue reading →

The big problem with buying RIM is that there isn’t only one big problem

Dec. 21, ‘11: As RIM’s sales sputter and its market value falls, potential buyers are starting to sniff around. Reuters reports that Amazon took a look this past summer. The WSJ reports that Microsoft and Nokia have considered a joint bid for RIM. … Continue reading →

Nokia’s first Windows phone looks good: Now for the hard part

Oct. 26, ‘11: It’s called the Lumia 800 — wasn’t that an early-90s minivan? — and it looks good, as far as these things go. Now Nokia and Microsoft need to figure out how to sell it to people who already have plenty … Continue reading →

Nokia is finally in touch with reality

Aug. 9, ‘11: Nokia president Chris Weber, speaking to All Things D’s Ina Fried: “The reality is if we are not successful with Windows Phone, it doesn’t matter what we do (elsewhere).” Yes. Also interesting: Nokia is leading Windows Phone development out of … Continue reading →

Just to reiterate, Apple sold more year-old iPhones last quarter than any other company sold brand-new smartphones

Aug. 4, ‘11: IDC confirms that Apple was the no. 1 smartphone maker in Q2. Via Marketwatch, Apple captured 19.1% of the market, while Samsung was no. 2 with 17.3%, and Nokia fell to no. 3 with 16.7%. (Meanwhile, Apple also ran away … Continue reading →

Nokia’s new phone naming convention: Not a confidence-builder

Aug. 1, ‘11: Nokia will name its phones using a three-digit number system, starting now. Here’s Nokia’s Phil Schwarzmann: So the new system is like this: The first number is the relative price/feature point. So a Nokia 900* would be top dog and a Nokia … Continue reading →