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Ron Johnson’s Big Mistake

Apr. 9, ‘13: Johnson’s ideas for a modern department store were good. But JC Penney was the wrong place for them. Ron Johnson’s science experiment as CEO of JC Penney ended last night. He’s being replaced by the guy he replaced, a sign … Continue reading →

Where Are Google’s Nexus Stores?

Oct. 31, ‘12: Google’s Nexus tablets are supposed to be credible competitors to Apple’s iPads and Amazon’s Kindle Fires. And they’re actually selling pretty well — approaching 1 million sales a month, Google’s partner Asustek recently told the WSJ. But it should be … Continue reading →

Gangnam Style! Inside A Samsung Mobile Store In Seoul

Aug. 27, ‘12: “Samsung Opens New Apple Store in Australia” reads John Paczkowski’s award-winning headline last week, relaying news and a photo of a new Samsung “Experience” shop in Sydney. The store doesn’t actually look that much like an Apple Store — okay, … Continue reading →

What’s The Difference Between PayPal’s Discover Deal And Square’s Starbucks Partnership?

Aug. 23, ‘12: Lots of comparisons — some logical, some silly — between the two. It’s definitely a good move for PayPal, but I’m not sure how this “trumps” Square (All Things D) or will “outdo” Square (VentureBeat). They’re pretty different. PayPal & … Continue reading →

Starbucks’ Mobile Brilliance Goes Far Beyond Payments

Aug. 9, ‘12: Starbucks has been getting a lot of praise this week for its mobile-payment savvy, including its recent deal with Square. But it’s worth highlighting how Starbucks has been doing interesting and smart things with mobile for years. One example is Starbucks’ … Continue reading →

Let’s Clear Up Some Details About Square’s Big Partnership With Starbucks

Aug. 8, ‘12: Last night, Square announced that it would take over credit-card processing for Starbucks stores and that Starbucks would now accept Square as a payment tool. It’s a big deal, but it left more questions than answers. This morning, I attended … Continue reading →

Square Signs Up Starbucks

Aug. 8, ‘12: A surprising and interesting move. Here’s the press release and here’s Square CEO Jack Dorsey’s memo. In short, Square will start processing all of Starbucks’ credit card transactions and Starbucks stores will accept Square as a form of payment.* (Starbucks … Continue reading →

Side-By-Side: The Apple Store, Best Buy, And Amazon

Apr. 19, ‘12: Amazon will finally pass Best Buy in revenue this year, and my latest post at ReadWriteWeb charts the companies’ growth in sales and profits dating back to 1995. What happens when you toss in the Apple Store? As this chart … Continue reading →

That Was Fast! Apple Store Replaces Old iPad 2 Billboard

Apr. 5, ‘12: AdAge ribbed Apple yesterday for displaying an old iPad 2 billboard atop one of its most visible stores — a month after Apple had unveiled the new iPad. Looks like Apple is paying attention: I just shot this photo of … Continue reading →

Amazon reportedly developing a retail store in Seattle

Feb. 6, ‘12: If this report, by Michael Kozlowski for Good E-Reader, is true, it actually makes some sense. Never mind the age-old Amazon sales tax issue: I’ve been paying tax on Amazon orders in New York for years, and my willingness to … Continue reading →