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RIM’s real problem could be finding someone to buy it

Aug. 4, ‘11: There is a very real possibility that BlackBerry maker Research In Motion will be on the block within a year or so. Unless it can pull off an unprecedented comeback and become relevant again in the high-end smartphone business, RIM could … Continue reading →

RIM releases the BlackBerries it should have 2 years ago

Aug. 3, ‘11: RIM released a trio of new BlackBerry devices this morning, running the new BlackBerry 7 operating system. This is its stopgap OS release before jumping to a new platform, QNX, which is supposed to launch on phones next year. (It’s … Continue reading →

RIM lays off 2,000, BlackBerry COO is retiring after medical leave

Jul. 25, ‘11: Research in Motion announced 2,000 layoffs and some management changes this morning. Both co-CEOs remain in their positions, but Don Morrison, currently on medical leave, is retiring as COO of BlackBerry after more than 10 years with RIM, and after … Continue reading →

If Palm were for sale today, the deal would probably be a lot more interesting

Jul. 18, ‘11: HP acquired Palm last April for $1.2 billion, winning a bake-off that also included RIM, Apple, and Google, according to my reporting last summer. A lot has changed since then — both at HP and in the mobile industry — … Continue reading →

More Windows Phone 7 customers are “Very Satisfied” than Android customers

Jul. 18, ‘11: More Apple iPhone customers are “Very Satisfied” with their phones than any other platform, new survey results from ChangeWave Research suggest. (This is typical.) But more Microsoft Windows Phone 7 customers appear to be “Very Satisfied” than Google Android customers, … Continue reading →

The rise and fall of RIM

Jul. 13, ‘11: BGR’s Jonathan Geller interviews a bunch of ex-RIM executives and comes back with an interesting “inside story” about how RIM missed the boat on the current generation of high-end consumer smartphones. [RIM Co-CEO] Mike Lazaridis would say that the most … Continue reading →

BlackBerry developers haven’t been able to release new apps for more than a day

Jul. 12, ‘11: RIM’s code signing server has been down for a day, and has been flaky since the weekend, a developer tells me. As a result, BlackBerry developers haven’t been able to sign their code to release new apps in the past … Continue reading →

Apple’s joint venture with Microsoft and RIM for patent bidding was called “Rockstar Bidco”

Jul. 12, ‘11: Via Bloomberg’s Steven Church. This auction keeps getting weirder. First Google’s $π billion bid, and now this. Would love to know who came up with that name. It wasn’t Apple — they joined the group, which also includes Sony, Ericsson, … Continue reading →

The BlackBerry’s downfall is almost as crazy as Android’s rise

Jul. 8, ‘11: The latest comScore U.S. smartphone subscriber data shows Google Android continuing its impressive market share growth, with Apple growing more modestly. But look at RIM. It’s falling to the earth. Just a year ago, more than 40% of U.S. smartphones … Continue reading →

Google bids $π billion for patents (and loses)

Jul. 1, ‘11: Six companies (including Apple, Microsoft, RIM, and Sony) won an auction for Nortel’s 6,000 wireless patents this week for $4.5 billion. Meanwhile, Google was playing math games, and lost. Reuters’ Nadia Damouni reports: “Google was bidding with numbers that were not even numbers,” … Continue reading →