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The End Of Android

Mar. 20, ‘13: Irresponsible speculation about Google’s management change. Why is Andy Rubin no longer running the mobile platform he created? Who knows. Probably only a few people know the real reason. Maybe Andy doesn’t even know. This sort of stuff is complicated. … Continue reading →

Try To Find Samsung’s Logo In These Japan ‘Galaxy’ Ads

Dec. 21, ‘12: Sony’s downfall is a depressing, embarrassing topic in Japan. Almost as bad, I’d guess, is the idea that Samsung — a Korean company, and previously the RC Cola of electronics — is now more successful at gadget-making than Sony. It’s … Continue reading →

Apple And Samsung Have Nothing To Worry About After Today’s Nokia And Motorola Events

Sep. 5, ‘12: Nokia’s new Lumia 920 and 820 look nice, as the previous ones did, but that’s not enough. Nokia and Microsoft need to give consumers and/or operators some really compelling reasons to gamble with Windows phones, and they still haven’t. I’ve … Continue reading →

Gangnam Style! Inside A Samsung Mobile Store In Seoul

Aug. 27, ‘12: “Samsung Opens New Apple Store in Australia” reads John Paczkowski’s award-winning headline last week, relaying news and a photo of a new Samsung “Experience” shop in Sydney. The store doesn’t actually look that much like an Apple Store — okay, … Continue reading →

What the Apple-Samsung verdict means for innovation

Aug. 27, ‘12: One of the popular takeaways I’ve seen from Apple’s huge patent victory over Samsung is that it will stifle innovation. I actually think that’s the opposite of the truth. If anything, I hope it encourages companies to think up bold, … Continue reading →

Everything you need to know about the Apple-Samsung jury ‘nightmare’

Aug. 23, ‘12: Great reporting and analysis by The Verge. Was hoping someone would do something like this. Key point: This is hard work. Maybe too hard.

You Don’t Know Jack: A Friendly Reminder From Apple v. Samsung

Aug. 4, ‘12: A good amount of the skepticism about Apple’s supposedly forthcoming 8-inch iPad mini can be traced back to remarks Steve Jobs made on Oct. 18, 2010, during Apple’s fall earnings call. (“This size is useless unless you include sandpaper so users … Continue reading →

“Tizen” is Intel and Samsung’s answer to Android

Sep. 28, ‘11: Tizen is apparently the combination of MeeGo and LiMo — neither of which have any serious adoption — that I wrote about earlier. It looks like an Intel- and Samsung-led rival to Android — which is selling well, but has … Continue reading →