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Try To Find Samsung’s Logo In These Japan ‘Galaxy’ Ads

Dec. 21, ‘12: Sony’s downfall is a depressing, embarrassing topic in Japan. Almost as bad, I’d guess, is the idea that Samsung — a Korean company, and previously the RC Cola of electronics — is now more successful at gadget-making than Sony. It’s … Continue reading →

Businessweek asks: “What Is Sony Now?”

Nov. 18, ‘11: If you enjoyed my series last week on Sony, you should check out Bloomberg Businessweek’s lengthy profile, “What Is Sony Now?” Related: 1) How Sony lost its way, starting with software, 2) How does Sony make money? Life insurance! and 3) The rise and … Continue reading →

People! Let’s be realistic about this cord-cutting stuff

Nov. 16, ‘11: This is Brian Roberts, CEO and Chairman of Comcast, the nation’s largest cable company. And he is smiling because the efforts to topple his industry, so far, are not progressing very well. (Well, actually, he’s probably smiling because photographer Tim Shaffer told … Continue reading →

How Sony lost its way, starting with software

Nov. 11, ‘11: Growing up as a gadget nerd in the 1990s, there was no brand as exciting as Sony. Yes, Apple made great computers, and that’s what we used. But almost everything else, I wanted from Sony. Now, 20 years later, it’s … Continue reading →

How does Sony make money? Life insurance!

Nov. 10, ‘11: Sony’s consumer electronics business — led by TVs, videogames, and computers — still generates about half of the company’s sales. But Sony’s profits these days come from what may seem like an unexpected source: Its financial services business, which includes … Continue reading →

The rise and decline of Sony: A 20-year view

Nov. 9, ‘11: Sony lost $350 million last quarter on more than $20 billion of sales, and warned last week that full-year losses would total more than $1 billion — its fourth straight year of losses. Sony blamed last quarter’s sales decline on … Continue reading →

Sony’s smartphone problem: Software!

Oct. 27, ‘11: Sony just bought its partner Ericsson out of their struggling mobile phone venture, Sony Ericsson. Now Sony is apparently going to try to become a big player in the smartphone business. Ignoring how late this move is, here’s the bigger … Continue reading →

Sony designs a tablet for entertainment content… without any entertainment content

Sep. 14, ‘11: Walt Mossberg, reviewing Sony’s new Tablet S: Unlike Apple, which takes a broader view of the tablet’s potential, Sony sees its tablet as primarily an entertainment-consumption device. But: Sony also is bundling services for buying music, TV shows and movies, … Continue reading →

Sony also whacks Google TV prices

Aug. 12, ‘11: Logitech’s price cut on its Google TV box is still working — it’s currently the no. 9 best-selling electronics gadget on Amazon, ahead of Apple TV. Sony, now, is slashing prices on its Google TV devices, too, in an effort … Continue reading →