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Why I’m Joining Quartz, In One Handy Chart

May. 14, ‘14: Starting this Friday, I’ll be the new Tech Editor for Quartz, an excellent, newish business news site from Atlantic Media. Why? Here’s the quick version: A little more on that middle part about City Notes, the mobile startup I’ve been … Continue reading →

Long Live The #Shortread

Jan. 6, ‘14: Among its other accomplishments in 2013, Twitter ate this site. But now I’m taking it back. What I mean by that: Last year, when I had a fun or interesting thought, I almost always just tweeted about it and moved … Continue reading →

Now You Can Book Me On Emissary

Aug. 28, ‘13: Quick update: I still entertain occasional, interesting consulting gigs, ranging from digital and editorial strategy sessions to product feedback to assembling lists of must-poach candidates for great jobs. I’m also testing a new tool for paid video chats called Emissary. … Continue reading →

You’ve Found SplatF’s New Server

Mar. 28, ‘13: If you can see this, you’ve made it — I moved SplatF to a new host on Wednesday. Long story short, Dreamhost — which has actually been a solid, reliable host for my personal sites for almost a decade — … Continue reading →

SplatF’s List Of Banned Words

Mar. 26, ‘13: Clarity is important to me. (Well, it’s no. 7 on my list of 10 steps to better writing.) I don’t expect everyone to understand everything on this site — some level of business and technical fluency is probably necessary — but I consciously … Continue reading →

Welcome To SplatF 3.0!

Mar. 14, ‘13: Less clutter, designed for mobile, and more room for creativity. A few days ago, I decided that I couldn’t write another post for the existing SplatF — there were too many things bothering me about it. (That’s also the same … Continue reading →

Select Consulting Availability This Winter And Spring

Jan. 17, ‘13: While I’m working on getting City Notes off the ground, I have some time over the next few months for very select consulting projects. (Who am I? A quick reminder: A day-one employee of Business Insider, where I played an integral … Continue reading →

‘Inappropriate Outfits’

Jan. 11, ‘13: Thanks to John Gruber for inviting me back to The Talk Show this week, where we discussed CES, iPhone screen sizes, and City Notes, my new travel apps company. (As I mention in the show, our first “pilot” app — … Continue reading →

Announcing City Notes, A New Mobile Travel Startup By… Me!

Dec. 12, ‘12: Short version: I just launched a new company, City Notes, which I’ve been working on for several months. We are making what we hope will be the best and most interesting travel guides for iPhones and iPads. Our first iPhone … Continue reading →

The SplatF Holiday Gift Guide

Nov. 20, ‘12: I don’t believe it either, but it’s already late November. You’ve got about a month to figure out holiday gifts. And I’m here to help with a few ideas for the design geek/lumberjack/special lady in your life. 1) Funky wallets … Continue reading →