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SplatF on The Talk Show: ‘More Useful and Less Horrible’

Nov. 12, ‘12: Thanks to John Gruber for inviting me on The Talk Show again last week. This time, we mostly talked about two of my favorite topics: iPads and airplanes. A couple SplatF posts I referenced: 24 Hours With The iPad Mini: This … Continue reading →

‘Command Versus Splat’

Jul. 13, ‘12: I was John Gruber’s guest on The Talk Show this week, and we wound up talking for almost two hours about Twitter, tablets, and some of the work I’ve been up to. Check it out if you love life.

SplatF In Seoul

May. 1, ‘12: I’m in Seoul and Incheon, Korea, this week, on assignment for ReadWriteWeb. So, as you’ve noticed, posting will be limited. (And next week, when I’ll be in Tokyo.) I might have some free time this Friday in Seoul, so if … Continue reading →

WordPress Is Now A ~$50 Million Business, But It Still Won’t Take My Money

Apr. 25, ‘12: Hey, look at that. WordPress is becoming a decent business. But it’s still passing up an important segment of the market — sites like this one. Here’s All Things D’s Liz Gannes on Automattic, the WordPress parent company: The company … Continue reading →

Adventures In Self-Publishing: SplatF’s Six-Month Checkup

Feb. 9, ‘12: SplatF’s six-month checkup is… a bit late. It’s actually been seven months since I started publishing this site in early July, 2011. Hey, I’ve been busy! I redesigned the site in January, adding new, shorter link-type posts (trendy!) and comments … Continue reading →

Follow SplatF on LinkedIn

Feb. 8, ‘12: If you’re using the LinkedIn Today news portal and want to see more SplatF stories there, you can now follow the SplatF feed on LinkedIn. Thanks!

Welcome to SplatF 2.0!

Jan. 9, ‘12: After a week in the lab, I’m happy to release the first significant revision to SplatF’s design and feature set since it launched six months ago. The big changes should last a year, I hope, and will help me make … Continue reading →

Going to CES? Here’s a free party invite from the folks at SAY Media

Dec. 30, ‘11: As a brilliant and attractive SplatF reader, you are officially invited to a private party that SAY Media – my business-side partner — is throwing during CES in a couple of weeks. There will be a live performance by Givers, cocktails, tech … Continue reading →

My new job at ReadWriteWeb, and what it means for SplatF

Dec. 14, ‘11: If you follow me on Twitter, or follow tech news in general, you may have seen the announcement this morning that I’ll be joining ReadWriteWeb as Editor At Large starting in January. SAY Media, my business-side partner for SplatF, just … Continue reading →

10 steps to better blogging

Dec. 1, ‘11: Almost 5 months into writing SplatF, I’m starting to type up some new ideas — mostly for myself, but also for folks like my ad partners — of where I’d like to take the site and what I’d like to … Continue reading →