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Adventures in self-publishing: Rejected from Google News!

Oct. 18, ‘11: Google, the search company that started as two guys at Stanford, openly discriminates against entrepreneurs. At least for its Google News product. Not only is that silly and short-sighted, but it should go against everything Google stands for. Yesterday, I … Continue reading →

Adventures in self-publishing: SplatF’s first quarterly report

Oct. 7, ‘11: Holy cow, it’s already been three months since I started publishing SplatF. Among other clichés: Time flies when you’re having fun. As I’ve noted all along, one of the reasons I’m doing this is to see if self-publishing online is … Continue reading →

Introducing SplatF’s advertising partner, SAY Media

Aug. 23, ‘11: Starting a successful website is as much about the business as the product. So I’m excited to be working with a new partner on the business side, SAY Media. Who’s that? Before becoming SAY Media last year, it was two … Continue reading →

Adventures in self-publishing: Here’s what a month-old news site looks like

Aug. 8, ‘11: Last Friday marked the end of the first month since I started publishing SplatF. When I launched the site in early July, I mentioned that one of the reasons I’m doing this is to see whether self-publishing online is a … Continue reading →

Huge thanks again to Brightcove, SplatF’s launch sponsor

Aug. 3, ‘11: It’s been four weeks exactly since SplatF launched. Time goes fast when you’re starting a new website! I wanted to take a second to say thanks to each of you for reading, and thanks one more time to my generous … Continue reading →

How To Pitch SplatF

Jul. 14, ‘11: A note to the PR professionals considering pitching a client to SplatF: As of August 2012, I am no longer interested in inbound “news” pitches, unless we have an existing relationship. If I discover your company or product on my own, … Continue reading →

Welcome to SplatF!

Jul. 6, ‘11: Welcome to SplatF, my new site. This is where I’ll be posting news, analysis, and commentary about the technology industry, with a special focus on Apple and mobile tech. For the latest, follow @splatf on Twitter or subscribe to the SplatF … Continue reading →

What Does SplatF Mean?

Jul. 2, ‘11: F is the easy part: That’s for Frommer, my last name. Splat refers to the key on a Mac keyboard that’s officially called the Command key. Some old-school Mac nerds — my father included — call it the “splat” key, … Continue reading →