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Thanks to this week’s sponsor, Microsoft

Dec. 13, ‘11: Microsoft’s latest push, you may have seen, is to make the Xbox 360 more useful as a video streaming device, not just as a game console. Today, they just rolled out another bunch of video apps, including YouTube and a … Continue reading →

[Sponsor] The future of TV begins now on Xbox 360

Dec. 7, ‘11: Today, Microsoft has taken a major step forward with the release of a free Xbox 360 system update that will change how you search for, discover and enjoy content on the TV, including the first group of new, custom applications … Continue reading →

Reminder: Samsung event in NYC tonight, new gadgets and free drinks

Sep. 26, ‘11: Thanks again to Samsung Mobile for sponsoring SplatF this week. As a reminder, Samsung is throwing an event tonight (21+) during Monday Night Football at Tonic Times Square in New York City, featuring free food and drinks, demos of new Samsung … Continue reading →

[Sponsor] Join Samsung for a sneak peek at new gadgets and free drinks in NYC next Monday

Sep. 23, ‘11: Samsung Mobile will be giving consumers a sneak peak at upcoming products on Sept. 26 in New York. On Monday, Samsung Mobile will be announcing additions to their Galaxy portfolio, highlighted by the slim, sleek and portable Galaxy Tab 8.9. To … Continue reading →

Huge thanks again to Brightcove, SplatF’s launch sponsor

Aug. 3, ‘11: It’s been four weeks exactly since SplatF launched. Time goes fast when you’re starting a new website! I wanted to take a second to say thanks to each of you for reading, and thanks one more time to my generous … Continue reading →

[Sponsor] The growing importance of Facebook for online video

Jul. 29, ‘11: The latest comScore Video Metrix report shows Facebook in the top 10 destinations for online video with nearly 48 million unique viewers in June 2011, outpacing popular video sites like Hulu (26.7 million uniques). That seems impressive on its own, … Continue reading →

Thanks again to Brightcove, SplatF’s launch sponsor

Jul. 27, ‘11: You probably know Brightcove‘s name from the online video world, but its latest product — App Cloud — is a push into the fast-growing app world. In short, it’s a platform that aims to let companies build content apps for … Continue reading →

[Sponsor] A new class of app developers?

Jul. 21, ‘11: There’s no question apps have become a business-critical distribution channel for media companies and marketers, whether it’s on Facebook, smartphones and tablets, even connected TVs. It turns out building apps requires a highly specialized skill set. Organizations have been forced … Continue reading →

Big thanks to Brightcove, SplatF’s launch sponsor

Jul. 19, ‘11: One of the interesting things about Brightcove is the data that they’re able to track and share. For example, check out their most recent sponsored post about HTML5 video and mobile device fragmentation. I didn’t realize that only half of iPhone … Continue reading →

[Sponsor] HTML5 video: More complex and fragmented than you thought

Jul. 15, ‘11: When HTML5 video burst on the scene in 2010 with the introduction of the iPad, media publishers scrambled to figure out how to make their video available on the hot new consumer device. It was no longer just a question … Continue reading →