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Long live cable… ESPN buys college football playoffs rights through 2026

Nov. 23, ‘12: ESPN would feature the games on ESPN, ESPN Radio, ESPN Mobile TV and via WatchESPN on computers, smartphones, tablets and Xbox LIVE. SplatF office pool: What year will you be able to stream those games without a cable (or equivalent) subscription? Ever?

LeBron’s Gmail

Jul. 25, ‘12: Just a great spoof from Grantland. Really hard to do these right, and this one’s hilarious.

Hands On — Sort Of! — With AppBaseball, A Japanese iPhone Baseball Gadget

May. 9, ‘12: When I saw AppBaseball in the store here in Tokyo, my eyes lit up. I spent many hours as a kid playing lo-fi handheld baseball videogames: First the baseball half of the Tiger Electronics Bo Jackson baseball/football hybrid game, then … Continue reading →

This time, NBC will live-stream the entire Olympics

Apr. 18, ‘12: A nice (and smart) change from prior years, when many key events weren’t streamed live, as NBC was “saving” them to air later on TV. There will be one hitch, though, to make the primetime broadcast more special, the NYT’s … Continue reading →

Fast Company profiles MLB.com

Mar. 23, ‘12: Seriously one of the most impressive, underappreciated technology companies in the world. I’ve been fortunate to have spent some time behind the scenes at MLB Advanced Media, and they really do great work there. Nice profile by Chuck Salter for … Continue reading →

MLB At Bat pricing changes: No $15 iOS app fee for MLB.TV Premium subs

Feb. 17, ‘12: Major League Baseball’s pricing structure for its iOS/mobile apps is changing a bit this year. Instead of $15-per-mobile-app fees — iPhone and iPad were separate apps, so $30 for both — MLB.TV Premium subscribers will be able to log in … Continue reading →

‘Linsanity’ Is Money For MSG, And: Why Grownups Steal

Feb. 13, ‘12: It has been a particularly memorable week living in New York, as unexpected Knicks star Jeremy Lin has taken over the city. (Good intro/explainer here by Peter Kafka.) I am a lifelong Chicago Bulls fan and have hated the Knicks … Continue reading →

Moneyball for tech startups

Sep. 23, ‘11: Moneyball, the film based on Michael Lewis’s excellent book about the business of baseball, opens this weekend. If you haven’t read the book or seen the trailer, the basic idea is: Oakland Athletics general manager Billy Beane — played in … Continue reading →

Tour de France app update adds full-stage replays

Jul. 12, ‘11: With the Tour de France “All Access” iOS app‘s latest update, NBC has now filled the biggest hole in the app — on-demand, full-stage replays. (It boots you into the browser, but it works.) And with its recent price drop … Continue reading →

NBC slashing price for Tour de France live iPad streaming as angry reviews roll in

Jul. 7, ‘11: NBC’s Tour de France “All Access” app lets you stream the Tour de France live to your iPhone or iPad, so you don’t have to spend the morning in front of a TV, tuned into Versus, the cable network broadcasting … Continue reading →